Street Triple

Finally picked up my new bike last week, and like a fool, told the dealer I’ll have it run in by this Thursday (500miles). Reason being, Ive paid for an arrow system to be added - and I have zero patience!

Hmm, seemed like a good idea last week!

Went for a nice long drive yesterday, down to Eastbourne, Folkstone, Canterbury and then home (North London) god my arse hurts! Tried to avoid as many fast roads as I could, because its a bit embarassing being overtaken by your average family saloon. Cant exactly explain to them what Im doing as i potter along. Still, wouldnt want to spoil the look on some chavs face as he redlines his Fiesta past me at 70! lol

anyway, only 120 miles to do before thursday morning - which is a lot more tolerable over three days.

Anyone else have a numb bum, or serious wedgies from being as stupid as me?!

The magazines say that’s a good choice of bike. you enjoying it? any proper pics?

Picked mine up and was due to get the racing stickers etc fitted for 1st service (items were on back order) so keen to do the first 600 miles asap. I did some long journeys and got some weird looks as I poodled along.

lol i got the same results, the same day i picked my bike up i took it to my mums in cambridge, every biker that passe me was giving me weird looks and thumbs up as i poodled along the m11 evn cars were looking in disbelief, but not no more :smiley:

they now look in admiration :wink:

I got that as well when I first got the bike, once you’re past the first service that’ll all change :wink:

The funniest is when you zip past them on the B roads, then, as soon as it opens up they do look at you funny! I even try styling it sometimes by stetching a little! lol at least it makes it look as if youre not trying!

Had my first Christening in the rain last night too. So angry with myself, was only out for an hour, and the waterproofs were upstairs - so I thought to myself ‘it’ll never happen to me!’

Still went to the pub to meet the guys, wasnt going to wimp out. Just got funny looks from the locals.

You just cant let all the obstacles beat you!

415miles done, another 40 tonight and I’m almost there.

(sorry, no other pics yet. I’ll take some on Thursday when the exhaust, hugger and belly-pan go on. God I’m lazy!)

It’s better to take it with slightly less miles than slightly more.

On a side note get crash mushrooms as soon as, dropping it is a real downer as it is.

Nice bike mate! bet you cant wait to get the goodies on and the running in sorted!!

Dunno if anyone else can back me up on this one, but some say that you should run it in with quite a lot of slow B roads, so everything is not done at a constant throttle?? This helps the running in to not be as smooth??

Or am I just talking rubbish from 10 years ago?

If the Street Triple is anything like the Speed Triple, then a numb arse is normal enough after 150+ miles!

Yep, that’s what I do with my engines if they are new or have had new internals, get them warmed up, gradually accelerate harder and harder until I’m using full throlttle at max revs, carry on for 30 mins or so to get the rings bedded in then cool it off and change the oil and filter and it’s run in. Takes 50 miles or so.Couldn’t quite do that with the Kawasaki but got close over a couple of days. There’s a thread about running in, posted a few weeeks ago I think.

i think my tiger is well and truley run in! hehe, ive just been to my triumph dealer today to get her re-mapped after fittin the can, runs like a dream!! i also testrode a street triple last month, very nice, the arrows should sound sweet!!!:smiley: