street robbery in progress

well done!..:slight_smile:

one thing missing!

Target aquired! Locking on guns… Firing! Kill confirmed!!! :wink:

oh, i bloody wish!.

HEy Daryl, you mentioned you bought one of those mini-cam things…?

Now I know you didn’t strap it to the side of the chopper to record that footage.

But I was just wondering whether you’d got it yet and what you thought. Thinking about investing to shoot some of my own stuff and I’ve been looking at all the mini-cam options, but haven’t got the budget right now…just wondered if you’d shot anything with it yet…?

Man that dog was QUICK!!! good on you fellas.


thieving sum

Oh the excitement when the dog was unleashed, and his fate was sealed.

Good job boys


Love it !

Police Dogs Kick a$$!

Whhhhhooooooooooo let da daaawgs out! :smiley:

Target acquired! Lock off dog,Releasing dog! Bite confirmed!!! :smiley:

Good ol’ India 99 and the dog unit … I love it that India 99 didn’t say any commentry when the dog handler just let the dog have bite for a bit longer … hahahahaha


That dog was like a heat seeking missle!

Showed it to my dog and he just looked at me and went back into his basket - lazy git…