Street or Speed?


A mate of mine is deliberating between a Street Triple and a Speed Triple.

Personally I think there’s no choice; it’s the Speed over the cheaper Street but what do you guys think he should weigh up? If you bought a Street why?


When I was looking, the Street felt a tad cramp for me and the Speed seduced me with the extra torque it has. The current Street has a slightly better ergonomics from what I’ve read and might be a fit for me but I’ve not ridden one to found out.


If I was buying new, I would probably go down the street RS, as they are light and would probably have more than enough power for what I do. However I know where there is a speed triple R which has been for sale for a while, one owner from new, and I know it has been looked after really well. All I have to do now is convince the boss that I need one, shalt hold my breath on that one then. But I’ve just had a parking ticket through the post, which she got by not reading the sign post properly!!


parking ticket = new bike seems about right