Street Hawk

For those who are fans i have ripped series 1 (the only series) to divx and placed it on bittorrent…

For the tracker link pm me…dont wanna put it publicly and get get some sites in trouble :frowning:


I always took you as being more of a Knight Rider kinda guy

lol…i love both! unfortunatly the base bike for street hawk is…er…crap…one day will own a completely black bike…as to live the dream!

lol, Streethawk. Not using Bittorrent but might have to look into to getting that for a laugh. Jessie Mach!

I think the bike was a Honda XL500, with bits of painted cardboard stuck on it. Brillaint!

Dude, would you be able to burn a DVD? Happy to sort you with some cash or breakfast at the Ace one day for your trouble!

Do u know how divx works??? as in u will need a divx player or a computer…if so pm me and we will sort it out…

Oh and savoury…ure right, my friend steve use to have it…it looked rubbish…would rather have a black gixer and all black leathers!

Nice side saddle

Top secret government project.

200 MPH, 300 MPH with Hyperthrust

Laser Cannon, Machine Guns, Rocket Launcher

Infrared Cameras, Compressed Air Vertical Lift System, On and off road capability

A 300mph XL500

Bit of classic TV, dunno if I’d pay $12,000 for one of the bikes tho

always watched it but always made me laugh when it was supposed to be going fast through town…little old grannies on the sidewalk speeded up to 300mph walking!!

Bike would set u back £3,000 tops i reckon, its just finding a decent xl500

oh an lmao lucky 13!