Streatham Hill commute

Hi all,
Anyone know what Streatham Hill/Brixton Hill is like to commute along? How long would it take to get from Streatham Hill into central London in the mornings? Thinking of moving to around there from Wandsworth. Cheers!

Where about in central london?

Most of it, assuming you will be coming up via vauxall, has bus lanes you can use so it will be pretty quick.

I cummute from further east but it has been fine when I have gone that way in the past.

Can’t imagine it will be much diffirent to Wandsworth?

I’ve got to get to the Strand. At the moment, I come in along Battersea Park Road and through Vauxhall so a similar distance but totally different roads. It’s ok - busy and lots of traffic lights, but bus lanes most of the way at the moment (not looking forward to the Olympic Lanes though).

I go from Streatham hill to battersea every day 4miles and I do it in 15-20mins leaving at 8:40am mon-fri

The queens town road can be solid but you can still make way unless your stuck at an island.

About 20 minutes.

You have a choice of going via Stockwell/Vauxhall, or Kennington. My commute is to Trafalgar Square and I always go via Stockwell and Vauxhall Bridge as it seems quicker than Kennington, with fewer loonies. For parking advice near Traf Square both during business as usual and Games-time, please do send me a pm.

A bit of advice for Games-time - Westminster will be shut to normal traffic for most of the day and the Embankment has a couple of Games Lanes so will have half the usual capacity. I guess Northumberland Avenue is likely to get a bit busy at that time so probably wise to steer well clear of that.

I used to commute on the Triumph to Westminster from Streatham Hill and also to London Bridge from Streatham Hill. Have also just started a new job, so am looking at a commute up to Moorgate too.

Basically I did two routes, depending on what I was feeling like at the time. To London Bridge I either did A23 and then A3 all the way (the traffic is not great on Brixton Hill, but you can use the bus lanes, which is fine) OR took the Kings Ave route, down to Clapham North and then joined the A3. To Westminster it was A23, then the Vauxhall Bridge Road, up the road parallel to the Thames and over Lambeth Bridge.

To the Strand, where you want to go, it is very straightforward - basically A23 all the way and over Waterloo Bridge. I’d say that was the quickest route and, apart from Brixton Hill, it’s less busy than the A3, which can get a bit manic.

It’s a pretty easy ride in - just watch out for cyclists and bus drivers.

Cheers everyone! Sounds like straight up Brixton Hill along the bus lanes, then rejoining my current commuting route at Vauxhall or Waterloo ought to be fine.