Streatham high road closed northbound

probably too late for most of you who have already experienced it as i have, but it seems Streatham High Road/Streatham Hill is closed Northbound. Am not sure why but it could be something to do with the fire engines last night outside the bowling alleys, near the big nightclub

I assumed it was an accident- hope not.

Pretty unpleasant riding when it gets that jammed up- especially when some cars try to close every gap so you can’t get through.

Whitehall closed yesterday, now Purley Way and Streatham both closed this morning, I’m starting to wish there was an economical and viable way to fly into work.

Any one got a jet pack I can buy off them (one that doesn’t use petrol or diesel)? :smiley:

Streatham isn’t an accident, its a water main - so expect it to stay closed for days.

also if you were around tooting on sunday night and there was lotsa traffic is because someone got stabbed on the bus!

Can confirm Streatham High Road northbound outside Caesars night club is missing a large area of surface tarmac, so the whole northbound carriageway will be closed tomorrow morning at least.

Alternative route needed tomorrow am, peeps. I will be going via Norwood.