Streaker Alert A20

Was riding to work today when stuck in traffic on the A20 a Streaker came steaming out the bank club entrance alongside the A20 with a Ghetto Blaster on his shoulder playing the Benny Hill Theme tune. He was wearing nothing but a sock upon his cock and a crocadile dundee style hat. w00t:

He looked like Mr Bean and started running in and out the stationary cars!

Didn’t see where he went as I rode off…

Why is it always me that these wierd things happen to???

Its so Bizzare!!! :cool:

Sounds like you got a good look at him…:Whistling:



Damn why don’t these thing ever happen to me? :frowning:

I just get some biker giving me a w**ker sign 2 days ago on the a20/swanley slip road :smiley:

Wasn’t you was it Moto-king?? :wink:

Being a has-been biker for many years myself, he WAS the one in the wrong and thats what got me fuming… I just wish them lights were red and had stopped him at the top :crazy: Trust me, I’m a pro at throwing the sign at the most inconsiderate of drivers and I ALWAYS look for bikes, he was just too close and fast! Prick!

Ello girl

Lol why do u automatically assume it would of been me? That’s charming that is a!!! It actually hurts that does…
I wouldn’t of given you the wankers sign no way!

I’d of stayed behind you aswell taking in the view :slight_smile:

Only kidding!!!

I was in the A5 so it wouldn’t been a phat view! :wink: