Stratford parking

Got a short visit to Stratford Magistrates this afternoon. Anyone know the score with m/b parking?

Looked on the council and seems to be ok in residents parking areas?

Maybe you shouldn’t ride in. What will happen to the bike if they take you down?


All the more reason to avoid Westfield. £19 a day that could be some bill after yer porridge

As uncomfortable as it may be long sleeve dress code in Court please

Look on the London bike bays app

After all that - got a fcking parking ticket!

Probably worth an appeal - was parked outside the marked bay - but the markings were so worn I never saw em.

Will stick up a google view or some photos I took so you can all sit in judgement :slight_smile:

So as you look, I was to the left of the bike sign - and to the left of the white line (that is even more worn now and barely visible)

One of the photos I took today…

I’d definitely appeal that, looks like a few bits of chewing gum stuck on the pavement!

If they discovered how naughty you’ve been and you have to go back for sentencing, Westfield have 2 little rooms one either side of the car park entrance with free bike parking (never used them though so don’t know how busy they get)


I’d appeal that, anywhere on the paving blocks looks good to me. Just as well the Beak didn’t send you down.

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I would appeal that. Was the next line that worn as well and the one at the back?