Strangers comments about your bike

That would explain it not getting any comments then :smiley:

Hahahaha… maybe he was trying to find something smart to say!!!

It’s blue, is that wrong? :smiley: I might need to change it. Or at least put union jack on it or something

Black’s the way to go, well it works for me :smiley:

Black is boring though. And hot in the summer :slight_smile:

I think it’s great when you get little kids (talking toddler size) point and smile at the bike. Maybe because I’m bright yellow that or it’s the boobies hahahahaha! :laugh:

Gets me the looks and comments though :wink:

I get the “what is THAT” comment a lot

also heard “Its a transformer”

and my fave… “Is it a 600” waaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha :w00t:

Can’t hear them with music playing, I see them **** themselves when I Rev it because their taking too long to get out of my way though!:w00t:

I wouldn’t say I get that all the time but in 2.5 months of owning mine I’ve probably had some 15 people either stopping next to me and asking something about it or shouting from the pavement and giving thumbs up.

My favorite so far is a policeman that came up to me, we chatted a bit and now we greet each other when I ride past him, which is very nice in my view :slight_smile:

being a ktm owner I just get abuse cause they think I’m a rud boi… whatever that means! :smiley:

Not so much on the workhorse, but since getting the DRZ I’ve had all sorts of comments. Hell people at the Ace last Friday were looking at it and asking questions.

I occasionally have a bike that gets questions asked about it … usually … Is that legal ? Where the **** did you get that ? What the hell was it ?

Did have a Frenchman in Roscoff say ‘your bike, it make beautiful music’ was on tickover though… normal comment is ‘what is that’?

I sometimes get car drivers asking if they can have there keys back if they promise to behave. :smiley:
When I had my Daytona 595 I have been asked why I don’t ride a 1000 :slight_smile:

Had someone ask what’s that bike, told them its a ktm then they said who makes it :smiley:

Being a chunky 6ft 2 on a YBR125 I don’t get comments, as much as openly laughed at:

Most of the comments aimed at my bike tend to be in sign language

i get that quite often…my favourite question so far was ‘whats the top speed?’ to which i took a good long minute before replying, as it was asked from a biker in uniform. :smiley: