Strangers comments about your bike

So… stuck in traffic and nowhere to go, I leave some space from my front car so a pedestrian can cross.

I nod him to cross and he nods back for my to move… Am like… can’t you see the traffic, can’t really go anywhere.

Anyways, I move a bit forward so he can cross from behind the bike…

After going around, he comes next to me and says… “Love you bike and just wanted to see the whole of it, not just the front!”

Well… thank you very much you kind stranger!!! That was the first nice (I don’t need to know the nasty ones) comment about my bike!

Put a big smile on my face!

I’ve had “Nice 600” from some Arab chaps and “Awesome bike mate” from some builders who were at my café. It’s really nice to hear, hence why I never ride in winter.

What’s winter have to do with nice comments?

As long as you keep it clean… :wink:

I get it all the time…

…course, I only ride “nice bikes” :smiley:

Damn that is faster than it looks… :D;)

I get it all the time :wink:

Yesterday was funny, someone pulled up beside me and said ‘‘bloody hell what engine is that!’’ in an Irish accent. I couldn’t stop laughing he went high pitch too :hehe:

I left a Gixxer 600 off the lights the other day and his first comment when we pulled into the petrol garage was what the F is that!? (referring to the Z1000) lol he thought it was a 600 at first glance, that felt pretty good :slight_smile:

It does pull amazing doesn’t it :smiley:

I still can’t believe how smooth it is!!!

I can’t hear them over my exhaust :slight_smile:

roll on to about 30mph and then a small crack of the throttle and the front end is in the air! I love the power and the cornering is ridiculously smooth :slight_smile:

One of the best choices I have made :slight_smile:

You get a lot of comments on Triumphs ( mostly in the early Hinkley days but also on the retro classic range nowadays)

I bought a battleship of a Daytona 900 brand new in the early days of Hinkley (1992) when I never saw another Triumph about anywhere.

The most common remark ( from old geezers in their 70’s)

“That ain’t a Triumph! It’s Japanese that!!!” No amount of explanation changed their view… and the popular (then) “Does it piss oil everywhere???” usually from old geezers on BMW R90s.

Nowadays if you have a Bonnie, Thruxton or Scrambler you get

“Ooooh that’s lovely - I used to have a BSA, Norton, AJS, Matchless”… etc etc etc :doze:

a number of times people have asked me why i have L plates on a 600cc looking bike. also a couple of times bikers have asked is it really a 125

What bike do you have img didn’t load.

i usually get “that sounds awesome” or a few nods for the ‘58’ stickers

My bike is invisible. Hornet was praised for the glorious can, Vara for the size but Sprint might as well be transparent :smiley:

Inteseting, I’ve had a few comments about the Sprint, maybe you’re is just the wrong colour :wink:

I get comments about the sound, best so far was “You bas***d you made me wet myself!” Also wow did they really make them in that colour.

I had one pull up next to me when I was riding the beast in for a service, looked up and down then said “that’s a lot of bike for a girl” …:w00t: what a pussy :stuck_out_tongue:

His Sprint is holed up in as a prisoner in Germany
Even he hasn’t seen it in six months :laugh: