I was sleeping and suddenly i was in alot of pain. I thought i was dreaming but the pain was so bad that it woke up screaming in pain and my leg was really hurting. Turned out i pulled my calf muscle in my sleep.

How bizzare???

How bizarre??? PMSL

What were you dreaming about though Sam

Stop Wanking!!!

Oh dear, this might turn into another ‘best quote’ thread! Please be gentle as i also have a limp as well now. Dont laugh!

Savoury - Let the imagination run wild lol. Honestly i cant remember what i was dreaming about. No im not pleading the fifth.

Chicco - Get back to the shop Mr. Patel!!

Pull the other one BOOM BOOM

Lol that is rather bizzar.

ROTFLYou sure it was your calf muscle you were pulling??

I had something similar but it was on the abdome muscle… Went to the gp and she asked if I used to do loads of exercises and had stoped ? Check! Not doing anything now? Check again! She then sent me back to the GYM and it never happended again… Well I have just stoped the Gym agaim, lol… perhaps I should go back to it ?

you’ve not had enough beer haha


Not that strange happened to me once as well in the past, was just waking up, stretched my legs and screamed as my calf muscle got twisted/pulled, could not move my leg any which way. The missus got a right fright to say the least. The pain eventually subsided but a dull pain remained for the rest of that day.

Quite frightening when you are asleep and don’t know what is happening to you.


it used to happen to me a while back so often that even befor i woke up i would be pushing my heal down and toes up that used to stop the cramp straight away. Found out i was not drinking enough liquids at the time

Very weird indeed! The only time I’ve ever woken up in pain was when I cut my finger off and it was the same evening I got back from the hospital.

Yeah … this used to happen to me too! I’m fairly sure it was cramp. One time it was so bad I was in tears. My girlfriend massaged my calf until it stopped.