Strange whirring and clicking noise from my R6

I put the baffle in and took my R6 for service and MOT, all ok, rode it home and hit the kill switch. Engine stopped as expected but then I heard it was making a rhythmical whirring and clicking sound continuously until I switched it off with the key. Sounded like it was coming from somewhere to rear left of engine. It has never made such sounds before. Turned the key on and it made the odd noise again.

Fired it up and revved it then killed it and problem fixed, no noises. Repeated the on-rev-kill sequence a few times and occasionally the odd noises came back.

I have since removed the baffle and the odd noises have not come back so far. Unfortunately I didn’t check the console for an error code when it was making the odd noises.

So what is it?

My latest theory is the exup servo, the actual valve is long gone with the original can, but the servo (little electric motor and gears) is still there, located near the rear shock. Could the ECU be trying to cycle the value due to the change in the exhaust system when the baffle was fitted, are R6 ECUs that smart?

Or could it be some other electrical component like the fuel pump?

The R6 is making the noise again today and it is definitely the exup servo.

I would’ve taken a punt at the starter relay on clicking when off problems.

My Triumph Speed Triple sounds like a fax machine when you turn it off :grin:

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Servo removed and binned and one of these fitted…

Job done… problem solved :slight_smile:

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