strange scoot on Ace cafe streetview

Apologies if this topic has been covered but looking at the ace cafe on google streetview it shows a guy on an interesting bike/scooter pulling into the carpark… just wondered if anyone knew what it was :cool:

Almost certainly a Heinkel as they had enclosed front wheels. Heinkel scooters were the Rolls Royce of scooters c1959 with electric start and all sorts of extras.

I’ve found a picture of Mr and Mrs Jetstream c 1959!

Cheeky Julian!!! (one of us was not even born in 1959):smiley:

That ‘wing’ logo looks familiar!

Almost certainly a Heinkel as they had enclosed front wheels. Heinkel scooters were the Rolls Royce of scooters c1959 with electric start and all sorts of extras.

…and “handled” like a crock, as I recall.

Footboards scraped on even slow corners, gutless motor and all the charisma of a motorised dustbin.

The equivalent Vespa may have been a bit basic but cost a lot less for a superior riding machine. For the same money as the Heinkel, you could get a Moto Rumi and blow both machines into the weeds.

Loved to have the owned Rumi.

You could get up to all sorts of mischief in a Heinkel like this:

Seriously though, I know it’s not a two wheeler - but i’d love one of these Heinkel bubble cars:

You could pull loads of birds with one of these! :wink:

Even nostalgia’s crap these days.

To avoid you all getting your knickers in a twist, the aircraft photo above is not actually a Heinkel.

It is a CASA 2.111, a licensed built version of the HE111 with Merlin engines, dressed up to look like an HE111 for the film ‘The Battle of Britain’.

As an aside, very few if any of the ‘Battle of Britain’ film aircraft are correct for 1940 and many of the locations are wrong (ME109 fighters are Hispano Bouchons with Merlin engines, much is filmed in Spain as the weather in England was sh1t, 'ME109’s fill in numbers behind the few Hurricanes available, the Stukas are models or half-scale replicas based on Percival Proctors,…), but it’s a film so feel history coursing through it…

Now, how would the Heinkel scooter go with a Merlin in it…


You’ve ruined it for me now Jon! :crying: (The Battle Of Britain).

I didn’t spot the counterfeit Heinkel 111 above - but in the film spotted that the aircraft standing in for the ME109’s was in fact a Spanish training aircraft - which I personally found very dissapointing. :wink:

I think the bit where Michael Caine parachutes onto the Greenhouse and lights up a cigar more than makes up for it though. :hehe:

Sorry to burst your bubble again, Sid, but it wasn’t Michael Caine parachuting into the greenhouse (I don’t know who off the top of my head, might have been Edward Fox)…but that’s mere detail.

You can still see much of the locations at Duxford, about 30 mins up the M11 from the M25. You have to make do with the base of the hangar blown up, as they used a bit too much pyrotechnics…
The museum there is a good day out and they often have themed days (eg Triumph Stag OC meeting).


Sorry to p!ss on your Heinkel firework chaps;)

It’s a Cezeta made by CZ in Czechoslovakia:cool:

It is Edward Fox!!!

And nice one Chunks :slight_smile:

That Cezeta is what my dog would ride if she could…:D:D

Maybe it was Edward Fox - but i’d prefer to think it was Michael Caine who parachuted into the greenhouse as it makes for a more stylish memory. . .:hehe:

Yep - I’ve been maning to gfet up to Duxford for a while - when I was a kit I was totally into airfix! :smiley:

Great looking scooters, some came with their own trailer (you weren’t there first, Gold/Silver/Fat Wing drivers)

The Czechs, they made good tanks for the Germans and flew in the Battle of Britain against the Germans, which must have made them wonder which side the Czechs were on.


That’s the great thing about being a Czech. You can bounce, as dictated by circumstance, right up to the point when your cancelled.

Sorry. I’ll just get my coat…

I didn’t realist that you came in component form.

Yep, component form. But I hear that in Sid’s case the face part was missing from the sprue, so they sent him a replacement, but sent him a bottom piece by mistake (that’s why he looks as he does, so I’m told, and sounds as if he’s talking through his arse). I can’t believe this though.

Me, the private bits were missing, so they sent me a replacement from a Black Beauty kit.


Well spotted finding that scoot. I had no idea there was a Czech scooter like that.