Strand bypass! Waterloo Bridge

They are building something inside the bypass and the traffic is horrible! They are diverting everyone to Aldwich/Soho… That’s a nightmare as the big buses are packing up there. Avoid if you can

Really should have read this yesterday, got stuck in it last night after my brief appearance at Cubana…and it took me 10 minutes to get through

Building an art gallery in the north end by Southampton row I believe.

Good point! Tomorrow is the cubana’s meeting! Avoid the area!

I really hope that they don’t close it for long. I used to love going through there and revving the nuts out of the bike…sounded great

Big? Yes! Clever…erm yes!

The underpass was reopened this morning


BTW -> Cheers for stopping the other day fella when Barro went down

Beware…Silver Cabs on Wednesdays !!!

All that time it was closed…and they didn’t think to resurface the road!!! W*NKERS.