Storm warning for south of England

Hold on tight on Monday and get your overtrousers out. It might be a bit wet and windy Monday. :slight_smile: Safe commute.

Great, I’m a brands hatch on Monday for a track day!!
I better load the kayak as well

Bet it isn’t.

Haven’t you noticed BBC weather is always wrong?

IT’s not bbc who is wrong but metoffice :wink:


It’s all a conspiracy :slight_smile:

…and look out for the government announcing some unpopular policy on Monday while everyone’s worrying about what the weather’s going to do…

…they’ll probably be giving the go-ahead for some nuclear power stations nobody voted for…

I vote for nuke power stations ,them things is gonna keep me in work for years :smiley:

Riding around the coast of Cornwall this weekend, could be interesting…

Let me guess…you’re a nuclear scientist?

HAHAHAHAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… No . But it’s already paid out some nice bonus and some more would be nice .

Ohhh how interesting… scheduled to be running around Epsom on the KTM that day interviewing people… gonna be great fun! :smiley:

when did we get to elect our energy choice… ?
i must have missed that love in

PJ for f**ks sake, every single time you’re at brands it just pours down!!! :laugh:

it better not as Im at Silverstone Monday

PJ and Steve I think it’s best you take one of these :smiley:

If it,s as bad as it has been in France today your in for a real treat. :smiley: It was that bad I threw my bike up the road just to get in the dry.

Don’t take your helmet off all day - risk of flying debris like Gixxer sidestands and Trumpet regulators

Just read they have cancelled overground trains until 9am!

Bit excessive?!

I’m pizzed off. I was looking froward to a nice good blow. The last really good one was 1987 and I quite enjoyed that, despite having to get up on the roof and put loads of tiles back the next day.

Now the Met Office are scaling back the winds in my area from 71 mph to 61 mph then 51 mph and now 31 mph.

That’s not even worth staying up for.

Well it definitly rained…a lot…for a few hours around midnight. Its definitely blustery and I wouldnt fancy trying it at motorway speeds but my ride home just now…wasn’t all that bad :rolleyes:

As Lee Evans said - if you ride at the same speed and in the same direction as the wind - is it a normal day? :Whistling::hehe: