Storing Fairing Panels

What’s the best way to store fairing panels without them getting damaged or marked?
I’ve got a spare set of mint panels for my bike and I need to store them in a way that they won’t get marked. I’ve heard that wrapping them in bubble wrap is a bad idea as the bubble wrap tends to mark the paint.

Any other ideas on how to store them?

use an old blanket or similar.

would be a good idea to wipe em over with some wd40, very lightly?

Hang em on the wall out of harms way.

Put them in your sock drawer!! :smiley:

hmm I store mine in box:)

Clingfilm, then blanket, in a box and then find a friend/relative with a massive spare room!
TBH I have no idea and am just writing crap when I’m not all that sure (trying to be real LBer! :Whistling:)
I have some fairing in my car boot but it was already scratched so it doesnt bother me when I have to rummage around looking for de-icer!

Does your car have a boot big enough for a can of de-icer?:slight_smile:

Yeah it’s incredible…but there’s not enough room to fold the roof in when there’s a can of de-icer in the boot! :slight_smile:

I bubble wrap and cardboard box mine. Only time i’ve ever seen a mark on any fairings was when some eegit put freshly painted (24hours old) fairings in bubble wrap.

If you know anyone who has a toddler who has just got their big bed, see if you can blag their old cot duvet covers. They are the perfect size for a fairing panel sack. (As long as you can put up with Winny the Pooh hanging in your garage);):P:D

What did Winny the Pooh ever do to deserve that :smiley: