Store with loads of Helmets?

whats a good place (within London) to go and try loads of helmets on?

Infinity or Hein Gericke are pretty good

yeah those are my backups incase i dont get any other recomendations of you guys :wink:

J&S new Malden always have loads of lids.

soho ? :stuck_out_tongue:

lol not what i am looking for :stuck_out_tongue:

Helmet City have the best selection I have seen in any one place

thats a bit too far :wink:

J&S like someone mentioned already. What makes are you after trying?

the mrs needs a new lid not me

George Whites in Shoreditech is now a factory outlet if that’s any use.

Have you been there? What’s the selection like?

Thweres a GWs in Shroditch?? I’m therrre.

You posting on your phone then? :smiley:

with winter gloves on?

J&S Greenwich have loads of lids on the shelf, lots of kit for the girls in fact, so you could probably get something for yourself to Pan!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

If you’re not a Moonwalk volunteer (and your Mrs isn’t doing the Moonwalk) then you can always take her to the BMF Show where they will have a massive selection, you may even get the odd deal, especially if you haggle.

Probably a stupid question as it’s posted somewhere on this website but where is the BMF and when is it?

Not a stupid question at all and I am only too happy to answer it.

It’s in Peterborough (at the East of England Showground) and for years it has - to the best of my knowledge - been the biggest bike show in the UK.

Unfortunately it’s on at the same weekend as the Moonwalk - 14/15 May. I would have volunteered to help with the latter but I now have major need to visit the show to get a new set of brake discs, having failed to get decent deals at Ally Pally and Excel :(Brake discs are not cheap so it is a very good idea to look after the ones you have by not allowing your pads to get worn down all the way, as I have discovered to my cost :crazy: The ones I am looking at have an rrp of nearly £400 :w00t:

The basement used to have about 30 odd second hand bikes. They’ve moved these up to the ground floor with the new metal and the basement is full of all the Outlet stuff. Normal clothing helmets etc are still up on the 1st floor.

TBH I didn’t look at all the lids in the Outlet as I’m not in the market but there was a lot piled high. On the 1st floor they do the normal Caberg, Shoei, Arai etc etc