stoppie all gone wrong

Ridign waaaay to close and panic braked…not good group riding etiquette…:wink:

bet there will be some words and the odd punch thrown after that!


Wot a div, still it teaches you when your riding with others LEAVE enough space and ride to your ability and not others, then you all get home safely. :wink:

its all true and I think on most of our rides outs people do, although I know a few who get carried away at times and drive as if they are all alone :Whistling:…

these guys were a bit lairy though and a little excited maybe…again just shows we have to be careful…I find these videos a real help…really make me think about what not to do…as well as what to do etc etc…

When I see stupidness like this, it always reminds me that it will be a bad thing attaching a camera to my bike.

It is just bound to go tits up.