stop off in france

evening all

so we booked disney land paris a couple nights ago we land there on a Tuesday so going to get a little stop over hotel (that’s been booked).

but it is a longish drive (3 hours in good traffic) with kids that’s going to feel like 30 hours. does anyone know a good place to stop off for a while in the middle something to have a look around don’t mind adding maybe another hour to the driving time so looking for something where we drive for 2ish hours break then another 2.

so anyone have any suggestions?

Anti histamine tablets Piriton fir instance , give em one each , tell em it’s for car sickness … Sound asleep the whole way :smiley:

I presume you’re driving Calais to eurodisney?

Amiens maybe?

You could go visit the castle Chateau de Pierrefonds where they film Merlin. Pretty neat place and the lil town has a few places for refreshments like a creperie and decent bakery as well as a little lake where you can hire boats. It is about 2 hours 15 mins from Calais by car and then you have a drive of just over an hour to Euro Disney. Take a look here

and here is a pic I took…

The lake by the shops is a nice enough stop if you dont fancy going into the castle

Cheers for that, that’s the kind of thing I’m looking for. Funny I looked at that on the map, will defo look into that one.