stop me if you've heard it

Theres this tramp who finds a tenner so he goes to his nearest off licence, and buys a bottle of whisky then decides to go over the park accross the road to drink it anyway after an hour the whisky has gone and he falls asleep face down on the bench after a few more hours some gay bloke is walking back through the park when he notices the tramp and is drawn to the big rip in the back of his trousers, looking around and seeing know one around he decides to engage in sexual intercourse with the tramp smellin like a brewery hes hardly gonna put up a fight. Anyway after finishing up he thinks he will put a tenner his way to say thanks and slips it in his pocket, the next day the tramp awakes finds the tenner goes back to the off licence and buys another bottle of whisky next night the queer sees the tramp again face down reeking of booze so he looks round and slips the tramp a length and another tenner, tramp wakes up the next day finds the tenner goes back to the off licence buys another whisky goes to the park, drinks, passes out and the queer comes back does the deed puts a tenner into the pocket of the tramp. Next morning the tramp finds the tenner goes back to the offy as soon as he walks in the bloke behind the counter says “another bottle of whisky mate?” the tramp says “nahh ill have vodka today that fuckin whisky makes my arse sore”

Lesson learnt…

Always wonder how that extra tenner got in your pocket after a night of heavy drinking?..well, there you go!