Driving home tonight after portugal beat holland,england beat ecuador,along vauxhall bridge road going towards vauxhall bridge,and i began to panic seeing three traffic cars,two vans and four patrol cars doing stop checks,and really pulling people up,until i realized i weren’t driving and i was in a cab.DOH!

What an idiot…eh!

Be careful if using that route tonight or any night in the future!!!

Embankment is a well known one too,between vauxhall bridge and chelsea bridge.


Shouldn’t wear you lid in a taxi then

Nutter, thanks dude

I got pulled for 54 in a 30 along the embankment, between Chelsea and Vauxhall Bridge. “First away from the lights sir, first to get caught!” I got the feeling that he had used this line before

“I was in such a hurry to meet you and see if the stories were true or not; do you keep your tuncheon pre-lubed?”

they were doing speed checks at the blackfriars bridge on friday when i rode over to the ace (9ish). they get loads of people there after coming out of the tunnel west bound (including myself last year) - they wait at the second slip road further up firing back