Stoner on the 2012 bike

whinging ****! hope he bins it:D

+1…Stoner the Moaner…Love the bike…hate the rider.

I am loving all the testosterone fueled handbagging going on now in Motogp & WSK…It’s like an episode of desperate housewives gone wrong :smiley:

We’ve had Casey punching Du Puniet on the arm… Simoncelli asking Lorenzo “Will I be arrested?”…Lmao…Insults being flung left and right and Max Biaggi has become a right lil’ happy slapper!

I am just waiting for a full on brawl in the pits now…

i’d love to meet stoner, that would be interesting!

yeh its all going on at the mo, i like it, spices it up a bit!

simmo is clearly not bothered by jorge…who is also liek stoner…a plum!

For some reason after reading ’ Stoner on the 2012 bike’, I did not expect to see this

The BSB interviews have also been very entertaining lately…the riders always forget that they have to watch their language and use the F word :)…I nearly fell off my chair laughing when Shakey said he felt like a right Knobhead after trying to wheelie over the finish line when his anti-lift system was engaged on the bike. :stuck_out_tongue:

why did the guy I dislike the most in motorsport get on the bike/team I support :crazy:

damn the repsol honda’s look sexy

i really dont get why so many ppl dislike stoner… he isnt that bad. and hes a decent rider as well

*runs for cover!

I like him. He’s just a typical Aussie and moans a lot. He even sounds like he is having a whinge when he is happy. A typical whinging pom

theres no doubt he can ride.

BUT if it doesnt go his way…he whinges like a kid, the biek was wrong…my stomach was hurting…blah blah blah

that and he told a 9 TIME WORLD CHAMPION that his talent outwieghs his ambition…stoner is a cock!

Rossi doesn’t whinge, neither does simmo, neither do alot of the riders, jorge and stoner seem to alot, stoner more so.

there’s no doubting he can ride i just don’t like his attitude or how he carry’s himself.

be good to see nicky hayden back up the business end , he did well on the point and squirt 990’s but struggled with increasing his corning speed on the 800’s