Stoner - Better than Rossi?


Stoner was all over it on the Ducati, now he’s all over it on the Honda

Is it just luck with the bike development or can only he ride the balls off them like no other…?

He was riding the same Ducati that Rossi couldn’t ride and winning races…now he’s on a bike that works and is consistently miles ahead every race…it could lead to an obvious conclusion

stoner is the best bike racer there has ever been. Let it be known I said this, so I can look all smug when he has won everything for 10 years.

Stoner is the best around. Although them Honda’s seem to be so quick I think any good rider would do well on one…

It depends on what you think the best rider of all time should be able to do. Stoner is the best at riding a bike that cannot handle and one that can. What he cannot do is provide enough information for the team to turn a bike that cannot handle into one that all riders can use. I think if Rossi can work with Ducati to build a 1000cc bike that is putting Rossi and improtantly other riders at the top of the field, then, in my eyes at least, he firmly holds onto his title as the best rider that has ever lived… lets not forget that when he took the Yamaha it was a rubbish bike also and he took that to victory.

It’s funny to see all the Rossi fans STFU for a while - yea, go on, cheer the Doctor’s name, wave all the merchandise that pays for him to be a multi-million pound/ euro tax dodger! hehe.

Having said that, he’s great and has so much more character than Stoner, it’s a pity he’s not up there in contention.

i beg to differ with your comments about stoner not being able to develop a bike, and the yamaha being ****. since Valentino joined ducati, the bike has gone backwards. however, the sattelite (spelling?) ducati teams, most obviously Hector Barbera and Karol Abraham are at times, able to mix it with rossi on the bike that stoner built… of course, im not suggesting that either are better than rossi, just that they seem to be going faster on the bike that Stoner built. when Vale went to yamaha, he had no winter testing (honda wouldnt release him from his contract till the end of the year) yet he won the first race on it (and the championship that year) clearly the bike wasnt that bad. everyone has pretty much agreed now that the Duc is a pile of steaming doggy doo, and that the team, clearly dont listen, or react quickly enough to the riders feed back. when casey complained about the problems last year, he was “just a whinging twat” but he still won on it, and put it on the podium regularly (or crashed trying) Vale publicly said that he is not prepared to ride as hard as casey did on the Duc, and the results show it.

did you see the interview with hayden? He was basically saying hopefully now Rossi is there - they will start listening given he has come clout behind him!

Interesting Ducati didn’t feel the need to listen to both thier riders, both ex world champions!!! idiots…

Yes, I can see your points, though I don’t think we should write Ducati off, it’s easy to say something is bad fix it but if you are not making detailed suggestions then there is no way to make forward steps, maybe it’s not that Rossi has more sway, maybe it’s just that because of his long relationship with Jerry Burgess they have built up an understandign where Jerry can turn Rossi’s comments in to engineering speak… Who knows

There’s a major difference in the Ducati that Stoner rode
and the one Rossi’s riding now…


When Stoner was on it they had choice and used Bridgestones
specially developed for that Ducati. They warmed up properly and
provided some feel, the current tyres are developed for all bikes,
as they all use the same tyre now, and not specifically for the Ducati.
Hence the major tyre warm up and front end feel problems with
the Ducati this season.

If the bike and tyre was the the same then you could say current
form has to be down to the rider, but they are not so you can’t :cool:

Here’s the MotoGP anorak info… THE LOW DOWN

no no mike, the bike still has ducati on it and is still red so its the SAME bike and Rossi is crap and this is proof ok? good… :laugh:

Ah, well spotted, I hadn’t noticed :rolleyes:

unfortunately the argument falls down, because at the end of season test last year at valencia, using the same tyres as stoner had, on stoners old bike, he was 15th and almost 2 seconds off the pace. behind every privately run Ducati bar karol Abraham… oh and stoner finished the race in second at the same track

i’d agree that stone is the biggest di ck of a motorcycle racer ever :wink:

I was at the le mans race and he got boo’d by the honda standa on his cool down lap.

good job that he’s paid to ride fast then rather than be popular…