Stone step + door with bolt locks + no holes in step = meh


I currently have an issue where I have a door with a bolt lock downwards (in the door, pointing down), but the position where I’d extrude the bolt has no hole in the step.
I assume a drilling machine should do the trick, but I would neither know if it needs a special drill (it’s a fairly large stone step), nor do I own a driller with all specialties etc.

Has anyone got any experience with this? If so, I may need yer service at a point quite soonish :slight_smile:

how far are you from grays?

Ive got BIG hammer drill that also has hammer (kango) function on it if need be, and bits to suit,

quite far, north london, just a few miles off from Herts :w00t:

how big’s the hammer, and would it fit into a back pack etc.? Don’t really have a car ^^

is it viable to take the sliding latch off and put it back on the door horizontally? then you could fix a lug on the door frame and you would not need to drill the step and could do this using only a screwdriver. not as secure but if they wanna break in they will anyway. use big screws and plenty of them.

vertically is unfortunately not viable, since I can only attach this inside, but would need to be able to (un-)lock and open the door from outside.
it’s also an internal bolt thingy, inside the frame, so would need a new bolt-lock anyway (minor detail though).

damage to the step, as in drilling a hole, is no problem at all (as in, no one will complain, and no one would really care) :slight_smile:

You just need to drill a hole under the bolt so that it has somewhere to drop into?

Close the door, mark the position where the bolt falls and drill a hole big enough for the bolt to fall into - 10 minute job and unless it a huge bolt any old cheap hammer drill should do it - you’d probably pick one up for under £20 from argos and it would fit in a backpack.

I could lend you one but I’m in central/south london

it probably would, although along with the charger and bit set, it would weigh quite a bit, probably better strapped to the seat, your welcome to borrow it, or let me know an exact location (what tube station its near) and I might be able to swing by and drill it for ya

Ive never liked a verticle bolt down, if you slam the door you lock yourself out if it drops.

if its fitted internally to a door, they normally have a sprung finger plate, or key to lower them, removing the risk of that happening

If it’s a real stone step,FOR SH**S sake don’t hammer drill it.

Almost all natural stone will drill with a decent, sharp masonry drill bit in simple rotary mode. Hammer drill it and you stand a good chance of it cracking and splitting. (Something builders seem quite unable to understand.)

If it’s concrete, do what you like.

Good general rule: Drill a small hole to start with and work up the size bit by bit.

old guy is right. I have a cordless makita hammer drill and a ryobi SBS hammer drill (mains power) ur welcome to either for the afternoon. :slight_smile:

tbh I have no idea if it’s full stone, concrete below, or whatever else materials :blink:
I could upload a foto, but no idea if that’s any help

photo is good

cool, I’ll get one close up range and post it tomorrow :slight_smile: