Stomp Grips

Got myself some stomp grips but now in two minds as to whether to fit them as I’ve read that they can chew up your leathers pretty bad.
Anyone have any experience of this happening to their leathers?

no :slight_smile:

nope no damage whatsoever had mine on for 3 years now

thats good to hear. thanks for replying.
has anyone whose purchased the ones specific to each bike had to do any other modifications for them to sit straight? lined them up and there way off with each end actually having a very wavy edge!

my advice is to not mess with them once installed or you will shorten their usable life; water may get under the edges when u clean bike

have had them for 2 years and no probs with textile or draggin jeans

great accessory and couldnt ride without them now

take your time installing them; heat up with hair dryer first and make sure tank is spotless

I haven’t as yet fitted them. simply lined them up to see where they would be positioned. its during this ‘prep’ stage that I’ve noticed when they are on they would be all over the shop and would not line up with the bottom of the tank.
don’t really want to cut them straight unless I really have to:(

I had them for 3 years on my blade and they did scuff up my leathers on the inside of the knee especially after a track day, but nothing to worry about just stuck a bit of leather food/cleaner on it and they looked like new.

+1 about taking time over fitting them as i didn’t and they looked a bit shonky:D

to the untrained eye they look like someones stuck a bathmat to the side of their bike :stuck_out_tongue:

if you’re worried you could get the tech-spec ones - they’re grippy but not as aggressively so as the stomp ones. also look a bit more discrete IMHO

I have recently added some after picking them up at the bike show, definately noticed the difference with them in terms of grip compared to with out them so would recomend :DThey also help break up the colour and lines of the bike too but probably not to every ones taste for looks though… IMO :hehe:

Make sure they’re the right way up/down/round. If they are and still dont line up you probably have them for the wrong bike/model. I’ve fitted stompg grips to an R6 and an R1 without any lining up problems and never had prroblems with them damaging my leathers :slight_smile:

I have those, pretty good and look much better than stomp grips but possibly don’t work quite so well. Next time I’d get the black stomp grips and change them if/when they look tatty.