Stomp Grips?

Any good? and can you get them for a Blackbird??

I’ve just bought a pair of black ones for my street triple…

Seems people either go for stomp or for the tech-spec make… they look like the top two makes… think it all comes down to personal preference at the end of the day!

had them on my 750 for 2 years

love um

would never be with out them again…

Do you know where the tech-spec, can be ordered?

I just ordered a set of Tech-Spec grips from here:

Even with the postage from the USA they were still about the same price as Stomp Grips.

I’ve got them too, excellent :slight_smile:

Got em on mine - I think they look alright & they do a good job! For me they work in 3 ways - gripping the tank when accelerating, gripping the tank when braking hard & gripping the tank over jumps so I dont fly off the bike! :smiley:

If you get the stomp grips take your time putting them on, if you rush it they’ll have loads of bubbles underneath and will probably start pealing at the endge letting dirt in and then they’ll look tatty & crap and you’ll wanna rip em off.

Cheers, looks like they don’t make pre cut ones for a Blackbird - can you just get sheets of it?

Chaos - tell me the dimensions, or send me a pic with measurements and Ill see if I can get hold of some next weekend for you?! I know somewhere that sells them and will see them next weekend :slight_smile: [email protected]

Will do, but am curently away, will email on Saturday :wink:

They do plain sheets of the grips, they are at the bottom of this page

Pretty cheap too at about $35+ postage.

or get some sheets and cutout your own shapes

I prefer renthal personaly.

Just fitted mine - was straight forward enough, the only problem is getting them to line up on each side - took me a while but they look fine now!

will see how they work at rockingham tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Stomp grip is excellent stuff, got it on the road and track bike.

doesnt really matter if they’re not for your bike, just pick something with a similar tank shape, it’ll be fine…




went out this afternoon after fitting them this morning and they were coming undone - so i get the hairdrier out again and heated it up and applied pressure for about an hour… we shall see if they are still on in the morning!

Ive got Stompgrips on both my bikes, and would recommend them to anyone! Saves your nuts from getting crushed at the very least! :stuck_out_tongue:
They do take the pressure off your hands and shoulders under braking etc… Well worth the money. :wink: