Stomp Grip

Hey Jay,

Do you like your stomp grips on the tank? I remembered you had some and have just ordered a set for the R1… the new leathers are shiny and slippy!

You get on with them ok or end up taking them off?

I got them on mine, when I finally got round to putting them, on it made a huge difference when I was racing, should have put them on before. It took a load of pressure of the arms that I was using to stop myself sliding forward in the seat, thus I could keep going for longer periods of time without too much arm pain.

Mine work fine to, the difference is only really noticed when wearing leathers but I guess thats the only time you need all that grip.

Jay took his off…

Not coz he dint like them…

Coz he did a crappy job of putting them on…

And they were peeling and looking alltogether crusty and tatty

I have them on my 750 and love um, squezz with your knees, break hard… your stuck to the tank.

Just take your time putting them on, use a hair dryer to heat the tank bit by bit as your applying them, heat the stomp’s as well…

heat everything!!! and spend some time working the bubbles out as you go, if your bike is black of a dark color the bubbles show up more.

You can also cut them down a bit, on gixers anyway.

There a bit big and you dont come into contact with all of the pad.

theres a guy of here ben/johnny bravo he has use some other pad on his R1 coz he did like the clear plastic look…

I have them on my R6 and I find them really good.

here you go floyd…

I’m fixed them on and had a blast and they feel good… but like Adz(i think) said, on the R1 the tank is very high so you dont get full contact with them… Might get some bits to cut and paste under them.

I love 'em! Even round town they are great when breaking hard. You feel much more locked onto the bike. And like Adz says you can break hard but still have relaxed arms. Thats good for taking the weight off the front too because youre weight is pushing forward on the tank and not down on the forks so helps reduce compression - as read in Twist Of The Wrist II!! =o)