Stolen Yamaha

I too have become a statistic for the second time in 14 years of London riding :frowning: Last time was a black Daytona 955i.

Bike was parked at home in shared appartment car park, in designated space.
Was there at 22:00 03/06/11. Not there at 20:30 04/06/11. Neighbours don’t appear to have seen anything.

The thing is I have an Almax Series 4 but I don’t have anything to chain it to since moving to my new place. Was going to speak to the landlord (leasehold) about getting a ground anchor fitted.
So all it had was an Abus disk lock, immobiliser and smart water tags.

I really liked that bike…

The main thing that pisses me off is I have to use public transport until I figure out what to do - ARGGGHHH…

Thanks for letting me share my pain I feel a bit better now.

Maybe I could borrow Tehswerver’s new Yam 125…

Hope you get it all sorted, either back or £££££

Yeh, feel for you too, just cant take any risks even as a one off. No where is safe :frowning:

I too feel your pain Bladerunner.
This is getting way, way beyond tolerable.
That’s 13 bikes posted on the SVD since my bike went up there May 18 (ok, 12 bikes and a ped), and I’m guessing that’s only a fraction of the number actually lifted.
Some responders on my post (Stolen KTM 990 Adv - YJ08 OFX) were getting so riled they were muttering darkly of mounting a sting operation against the crims. (Some of these look like long-termers on here, so forgive me if, as a newby, I’m speaking out of turn).
Clearly a vigilante style sting would be illegal, but does anybody else here think it’s maybe time the biking community - in it’s widest sense probably - presented a united front to the authorities to seek some kind of co-ordinated action on bike theft?
It might need an approach by some kind of quasi-official body on behalf of the biking community. Something like London Bikers perhaps? Or maybe something like the BMF? I dunno, any ideas out there? Could LB and perhaps some of the other biker forums/clubs present a common voice on this issue and lobby for some action?
I read somewhere recently the cops have already tried the ‘honey-pot’ approach using trackers on ‘bait’ bikes to catch bicycle thieves, with some success. Why should the motorbiking community be left out?
Anybody think there’s any mileage in this? Or am I barking up the wrong tree, or just barking?

Thanks for the sympathy guys, I was only looking at the stolen bike thread the other day and thinking I shoould get a ground anchor and tracker sorted at my new flat.

To be honest I am not surprised it got nicked, I was thinking it was only a matter of time when I bought it new in 2008.
It’s the reason why I don’t spend any money or time customising - I’ll get too attached and then it’ll get nicked. I lose all the time and money I put into it.
This is a really sad state of affairs though and I hate that that is the situation I have been forced into.

I honestly don’y know if anything can really be done as we are limited by what the law will do on our behalf.
I would be happy to help present a strong united front to the powers that be to try and get them to help but they have their resources very stretched.
Maybe we could be given limited police powers as a group, like the pcso’s?

What do you need to do to stop thives from doing what they do - most solutions work for a while until the thives find a way around the solution.
Cutting their legs offf might stop them and make us feel justice is being done, but I doubt the law would approve.

I guess the deterent has to be strong enough to make a criminal find another type of crime to commit instead of nicking bikes.
At the other end you need to eliminate the demand for people stealing bikes - either the spare parts market or using them as getaway vehciles.

All this has been discussed before though I guess.

Anyway I’m rambling. To be continued.

not too far away from me so i’ll keep my eyes peeled for you

sorry to hear this BR. cant imagine what it’s like to have a bike stolen

Genuinely gutted for you m8. Hope you get back on the road sharpish cos I don’t have anything to Almax my bike to anymore! :hehe:

You can forget that ;-)…you can make me an offer tho, I feel an upgrade coming on :smiley:

Bad luck mate. It seems last year a bike was reported stolen weekly, now it seems to be a daily event.

Cheers Kato :wink:

It’s a nice bike, but I think I’ll wait and see how this one pans out first thanks.
Besides I wouldn’t want to be responsible for you going out and buying a litre streetbike and going mental after just passing your test :smiley:

Enjoy them as much as possible while you have 'em guys, its miserable having to slum it one the tube :sick:

Now why haven’t the cops called me yet after reporting this crime…

@clubfoot - they are going like hotcakes at the moment.

Sorry to hear of your loss bladerunner, I feel your pain.
I know its too late now, but my suggestion as an alternative to a ground anchor is to get a big bucket or a cooler box stick a U lock or similar in it and fill it with cement. This would give you something too heavy to lift and with a good quality lock should deter all but the most determined thieves. As they say, when being chased by a lion you don;'t have be able to outrun it to survive, just be faster than the next guy.

You’re right m8, the Hornet was mental enough for me for now :smiley: I’ll learn my lessons (the real lessons you only learn with experience) on something a little smaller.

Still not heard from the old bill? That makes it over 72 hours now, tut tut.

@tonyD thanks for the idea, thats a good one. If I don’t get any luck with fitting a ground anchor that looks like a good alternative.

I did finally get a call from the cops at about 2pm yesterday, so i at least have a crime number and hopefully the DVLA are now aware so I’m not liable for any ANPR crap / parking tickets etc. I opted to go for the police recovery which I think is a good idea.

I got a good offer from my insurance company as they don’t wait for the bike to be recovered before starting the claims process.
We’ll see how it pans out but the insurance guy siad there is a UK epidemic of bike theft at the moment and I was not in a minority.
he said it was probably professionals and it was unlikely I would see it again - he was a keen biker so understood my pain.

If it isn’t found and my next bike gets stolen, even with every possible security measure I can think of then I will have to get something no one would want to steal i guess - but hopefully that won’t happen.
There are a few guys round the corner from me who have some nice bikes chained / anchored and they don’t appear to have had any trouble.