Stolen Yamaha XJ6s Diversion - Forest Hill, SE23

Hello folks.

Seems my 2011 white XJ6s has been lifted from the street outside my home this evening (7 April 2013).

Plate is LB11 SOJ, and had a GIVI BF05 Tanklock Fitting Kit on the tank, GIVI 364FZ Monorack, GIVI PLXR364 Pannier Holder rack and GIVI E55 Top Box Maxia attached, though I imagine it’s in a van on its way to a breakers yard now. :frowning:

Had a front disc lock on and the vehicle comes with an immobiliser.


Now I have to tear out the front garden to make a parking space for the new bike. Whenever that arrives.

Gonna start using a ground anchor and security lights and maybe some cctv and make sure that stable door is bolted.

A picture for what it’s worth

Bummer dude- hope the thieves get caught…

What an arse! Fucking scrotes!

Feel for you…

Sh¡t!!! I’ll keep an eye out, I’m only down the road in East Dulwich.

Cheers folks. Not expecting to see it again.

I actually heard a noise outside at about 8pm-ish, but was feeding my 9 week old son at the time and it sounded just like every other time I look out and see someone getting out of a car.

Bye-bye 2 year NCD… :frowning:

Really sorry mate. Beggers belief to think somewhere, people are stripping down & selling on the hundreds of bikes that are stolen each day. Also, somewhere else, people are buying them. Shame.

Update from the police…