Stolen XT660X Forst hill

Not sure if this will help but you never know. 1st bike i’ve ever had nicked. Disc lock was ground off outside my friends house didn’t hear a thing.

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Has a ktm 640 front end on it and a trailtech x2 headlight so pretty unique. Along with leo cans.
Reg is: WX07 JVC

Sorry to hear that. Did they leave the disc lock? You never know they might have left finger prints.

Yeah its with the police.

mate that sucks… just seems to be so much of this at the moment.

Hope you get it back and I’ll keep an eye out

Sucks man, sorry to hear it.

Just had a call from the police saying they have recovered it.

Part way though my insurance claim wondering if I should recover it myself and see what kind of conditions its in. Then possibly cancel the insurance claim to save my no claims / price hike after the claim?

Great they found it! Your insurance will still go up as you’ve had a bike theft. Any excuse for them to charge you more… Probably better not to claim though on balance, unless someone with similar experience can suggest otherwise.

that’s great news. Hope they get the scrotes.

Got the bike back yesterday untouched other than fingerprint dust.

wow that’s amazingly good fortune

Great news!

Wow! That is a proper result! Hats off to the police for getting the bike back and here is hoping that they catch the thieves!

mate really pleased for you… really nice to hear some good news

Good news like these are always welcome