Stolen today (10/06/08)

Model:Yamaha YZF R6Colour: Red

Reg: GF56YFZ

The bike was taken from a pack of bikes in a bike bay on Hopton Street London SE1 between 1100hrs and 1300hrs. It was alarmed, locked, immobilized and is Datatagged. I would think that they would have had to have removed it by van. An alarm was heard at 1130 by the reception of a near by building (Samson House) but no body took any notice. If you have any information that may be of some help I would be really pleased.


Mini indicators on rear - black with orange lens

R&G tail tidy - one of the LED’s had blown

Swing arm - black but rubbed through by my heel on L/H/S

Rear fairing has a Data tag inscription DAT0448219 on the undertray

Official Yamaha R6 Excite tank pad

Sprint steering damper - silver

Carbon fibre Termignoni exhaust with slight scrape to bottom collar and rivet. The head on the Termi rider has been touched up with red paint.

Fabbri dark screen double bubble with the bottom section sprayed black on the inside.

R&G bar end - new but slight scuffing.

Head fairing - two scuffs touched up in red on the left hand.

Front fender - rub mark where the brake line has rubbed through the paint work and is Datatagged DAT0448219 on the very back.

YEC crash bobbins new but with slight scuffing.

YEC sticker on the steering head.

R&G stickers on front lower fairings near the cutout in fairing.

Part worn - Corsa’s with the yellow label still on the back tyre.

Red wheel tape on both wheels.

Power grip grips - with red flashes (worn)

Hell brake lines - Red with stainless steel banjo bolts.

most of the parts are data tagged .

VIN No. JYARJ095000001057

I don’t know what else to say but thank for looking… Any information will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

Kindest regards,


Thieving b*****ds

hope you get it back soon mate

Will keep an eye out for bike/parts. Any cctv footage to get reg numbers visual id etc? For reference was it the new shape R6 or the 05 MY.

There are camera’s around and are being checked, fingers crossed-x. It was the 2005 model on a 56 plate.

I’m really gutted as I’d just sold it and the guy was picking it up tomorrow. :frowning:

I hope they find it in one piece.



silly question but was it taxed or did you display the tax? cos DVLA can actually remove bikes that dont display their discs. we had that one on occasions when we parked bikes in bays. It might be worth checking the westminster Parking services… Just incase.

Fingers crossed for you mate, you obviously put a lot into your P&J. But, did you show it to the bloke while you were at work? Bit of a co-incidence that you only just sold it to him…

Unlucky - I’ve had 2 R6’s stolen, I got one of them back. Hope you get it back

What b@stards, hope you get it back and in one piece.
I`ll put the details on my forum.

+1 sounds suspect.Hope it’s found in one piece and recovered.

Gits!! Probably stolen to order.I’ll keep an eye out at the 2 Met Pounds for ya. PM me your details and I’ll contact you if it comes into one of the Pounds.

Hope its found asap.

I work near there… I’ll keep an eye open

Hope you get it back soon

Really sorry to hear about this mate.

I’d be absolutely gutted if my bike was every stolen. Its worth more to me then just its money value, as Im sure everyones bike is to them.

Hope you get it back.

sorry to hear about your loss i hope you get it back soon:angry:

Very good point indeed, Check this out!

Hope you get it back either way.

Very sorry to hear your bike got taken. Sadly this is happening way too often for my liking.

Had my K7 gixer taken 3 weeks ago around Southwark area by a cloned number plated white transit van.

I found out that this van had take another bike on the same reg. after taking mine. Can you get hold of the CCTV in the area?

Sorry again and I hope you find some good news…

Sorry to hear that mate! They made an attempt on mine a wk ago in regents park. Hope you get some good news soon.