Yellow SV650 with blue lower fairings, has VaultGraffix logo’s on fairings and swingarm, and UnityRide graphic on the screen. Cant miss the hi level scorpion exhaust in titanium flame effect.If seen, call Hertfordshire Police first, on 0845 3300 222 quoting crime ref: k2074438

then call me…

Oh Fug me mate!

Not another one?:crazy:

Was it at home again?

Will keep an eye out as its quite distinctive isn’t it?

Gutted for ya:angry:

yup, tucked away behind the caravan…

Thieving Pikey B’stards:crying:

Why you little… Thieving gyippo arsebandits.

eyes open…


When my son’s Aprilia was stolen from my garage we put up posters offering a reward for it’s return.

It’s amazing how people will grass their mates up for cash:w00t:

Got the bike back within 2 days.

Maybe worth a try mate:)

What was the reward? Unbroken legs? :DWill keep my eyes out fella.

Sorry to hear the news mate, very distinctive, so it should get spotted if its not been broken up. Watch for bits on flea bay.

it was a kindness… Only joking , no I am really sorry to hear - don’t think there’s any chance it will get ridden round like that - too distinctive.Yesterday I saw a blue bike with yellow mudguard ahead of me, thought it was my mates that was stolen, but it turned out to be a Daytona, not an SV

unfortunately, i would have probably knocked him off the bike and stamped on his throat before realising… lol!

i would expect all the ‘vaultgraffix’ stickers to be removed, however, there are some gold vinyl (not chrome) sv650 ‘outline text’ graphics on the seat unit either side. these are not standard, however it would be easy for someone removing the stickers/fairings/trying to make it look a bit more discreet to assume that they are standard and leave them in place… they say ‘SV650’. its an SV650S. who’d know to remove those???

Anyone reading this would :wink:

Sh!t Darren, what an absolute nightmare, I’ve text Jonny as he’s off today and out and about on his bike as far as Wellyn Garden City and Harlow.

Eyes peeled in town too :ermm:

I wouldn’t care to think what will happen to these a***holes should they get caught in the act.

Sorry to hear about it m8, looked quite nice as well

Blimey mate, not exactly inconspicuous is it? Somehow doubt it’ll be allowed out like that but will keep 'em peeled anyway. [email protected]@rds!

Darren, if you need a ride to work let me know as I’m driving this week and I work down the road from you in Wapping.

Mabee a trip up to Ace on friday , you never know

mr slayer i didn’t know you was up near me

Whereabouts are you Mr Egypt?

Cheshunt here:cool: