Stolen Suzuki GSXR k-7 600cc

Hey All,

Was looking for a bike theft section on the forums, but didnt really find anything related to bike thefts.

Im hoping that some people in the Biking community, especially in the East London areas, might see a bike which was stolen from me in Romford.

Its a Black Suzuki GSXR K7, 600 CC, with an Arkapovic shorty Exhaust pipe, Black gear/brake shorty levers, tinted windshield bubble and a very very bright forward facing head light with two bright white dot-LED’s on either side of the headlamp. At the time of theft it had the rear seat attached on the back.

It was stolen on Monday 15th October in Romford Town Centre, by two kids on scooters (who pulled up, threw a rope around the handle bars, and towed it away while I was dropping off some documents at a friends office). Alarm was ringing but nobody did anything.

There is a picture of the bike attached with neighbour’s kid on it. This photo was taken before I changed the levers to black “shortys”

Reason why Im posting this on the forums, is because I have had many reports from other friends of seeing kids racing it around in the night yesterday and the day before around Romford and Dagenham areas. They were doing burnouts, high speed riding and things like that, but the people who saw them were in a car and were unsuccessful at following the bike. Police have been informed, but its Friday now and they still have not even checked the CCTV footage of the place where it was stolen from, or the direction it was taken in, so I am trying all other avenues of recovering it (since it is clearly still somewhere in East London being joy-ridden, rather than being shipped abroad in a container)

The REG plate is FE57 RWX but Im certain that they would have replaced it with another one.

If anyone can help by advising if they have seen it somewhere in those areas, then that would be much appreciated. That bike means alot to me, and Im sure that you guys can sympathise with the loss. Would not want to wish this happening on anyone.

If anyone can assist, please put a reply under this post and I will PM you my private email address and contact details.

Thank you in advance,


Mate, I’m in Dagenham so I’ll keep an eye out for you - Drop me your contact details, if I see anything I’ll let you know.

Also, check out this group on FB for stolen bikes:

Sorry to hear it mate, I’m on the other side of London but will keep an eye out anyway. Hope you get it back!

sorry to hear this mate hope the bike is found soon

Sorry to hear that. Makes you angry.

I hope they will find those bastards and put them down properly.

Vas is a mate of mine, i’m hoping we are close to finding the bike!

@john, i think its the same lot i told you about that looked at your bike, you got them on CCTV.

it may not be but it all adds up to me!

we will find them!:angry:

that blows mate, fingers crossed it is recoved in some useable format

I too also hail from 'Nam. There’s some right scum bags round here. Will keep eye out too. Best of luck tracing it in mean time.

Also, another recent bike theft in 'Nam:

  • though the owner was perhaps a bit daft.

Massively. Although - you would like to be able to generally trust people.

good luck in getting her back soon mate…

Ahhh ok, I did mention that to Vas in a private message.

I’m working a night shift tonight and tomorrow so I’ll keep my eyes peeled on my ride into work. Hopefully it will turn up in one piece or you find the fuckers that nicked it.

Where a outs in Romford are you?
I’m guessing you’ve tried the local “hiding places” for the bikes?

(Estates/ally ways/car parks/garages etc…)

Hey, thanks to all for their support. Good to see you on this forum too Ratty.

No sign of my baby yet. Been out cruising in Dagenham and Romford nearly everynight, hoping to either spot her abandoned somewhere, or the kids joyriding her.

Some of the people who I have talked to on the street say they hear or see kids speeding about on bikes all the time. If they are indeed doing that, eventually I will find them. Even if theyre not joyriding my bike, it is likely going to be someone elses stolen bike anyway (if they are riding the bike like they dont care), so we will hopefully have at least some positive outcome from all of this.

Daws, yes, checking all those places every day.

weathers probably keeping it off the road?

hopefully will come across it soon, gimme a shout vas or pop in the shop im in tomorow