Stolen SUZUKI GSXR 1000 K5

I had a GSXR 1000, 2005, bought from Romania this year in June, super engine, perfect state - as new- no scratch- I took care of it like a maniac!

I did from June until 20th August 9000 km without a scratch! I was planning on changing brake pads, tires and oil quickly…
I had several after market parts on it and it contributed much to attracting the attention on it :frowning:

(GALFER: front and rear brake discs + racing brake pipes,
HYPERPRO: steering damper,
Zero Gravity: Double Bubble Race Screen black with 2 stickers on it- one from vignette Austria and the other from Circuit de la Croix- North of France,
RIZOMA: handlebar grips,
PAZZO RACING: levers brake / clutch,
GILLES TOOLING: Race foot controls,

Protective carbon fiber cover on the left side for the alternator,

Black crash pads PP tuning )! Probably “pieces” on ebay by now :(!
Friday, August 20th I left from Brussels to London, I went via Eurotunnel – put the motorcycle inside (past by Dunkirk and took the train in Calais, crossing takes 35 minutes)! Arrived at Folkestone, UK and then assure right when you want to overcome!:slight_smile: It’s really fun to drive in an inverse system!
I booked a room at Hotel Formula 1 in Highbridge Road Barking IG11 7BA London (East), suburb-sadly that was my fatal mistake…
Arrived at the hotel at 11:30 am (London hour is two hour behind Romania and one hour compared to Brussels and Paris).

I had left Brussels around 7 am.
I parked the motorcycle in front/ at the entry in the hotel thinking that even the reception person could see it, I tied it with a chain to the support were scooters or bicycles were tied!(it was strange that no scooter or bicycle were present - Why …)!
I spent all day in town and at 11:30 pm I came back to take it and come to your place! My engine was gone … only the broken chain was there :frowning:
At the reception they saw a motorcycle and two riders coming!
There is also CCTV security recording! which is at the police!
I saw how my motorcycle was stolen at 6:12 pm! The thief rode it away!
They were two, they came on another motorcycle, parked near, one got on my motorcycle, the other cut the chain with witch it was tied and immediately they started it up (it didn’t matter that I had the handlebars blocked), the guy Super-knew Suzuki, maybe he worked for Suzuki;
He must have had a smart ass key because they didn’t force anything and then both fled on motorcycles …
It lasted under a minute …
I told THE POLICE that I had no theft insurance!!! … for three days I visited Barking Police station, gave them pictures !!! I gave them ideas where to look!!! Maybe you have some ideas! Please share ideas relatedd to any aspect of this matter!

Is it easy in London to be on the dark side?

Is here on this site a policeman registered who can tell us more or do something for us?

I feel like cursing Suzuki because of their security system, even the key chip is simply nothing!.. but cursing is in vain…
Full damage in my pocket and total in the brain … Permanent Damage!

I am sorry for loosing my temper but I lost more than that :frowning: (I had to save for 3 years, no holiday no anything, in order to gather 6300Euro)!

In Romania you must have an insurance which covers accidents - so if it is your fault then you give to the other person your insurance so he can repair its vehicle! The theft insurance is separately and it cost a lot (around 2000E for my motorcycle) but, even so, they won’t insure you because they consider that the risk is too high!

On the left lateral part of the fairing towards the head light it has a sticker with a scorpion.
My contacts are
[email protected]
The police reference/ “murder” case number is 5115842/09 (helping them you are helping me to recover)
Thank you for your patience!
I’ll stick around!
All the very best to you all!
Take care! because self care is the best!











Very sorry to hear this, this is bad news especially as you didn’t have insurance against theft. It was a very nice bike, never seen a Gixer thou’ in that colour scheme before.

Very interesting that the thieves had a key that fit this bike. If I owned one of these I would probably start looking at getting a non-Suzuki ignition lock/switch fitted, if such a thing exists.

Thanks for letting us know about this. I hope your bike turns up; I will be keeping an eye out for it.

Sorry to hear of your loss mate hope you get it back.

Relying on Eezyriders observational skills is akin to hoping a well cooked rice pudding will have no skin.:w00t:

:laugh: too true, Jetstream, too true. And I do like the rice pudding analogy.

Sorry mate, had to be said;) But if you can`t spot five bikes in a car park in southern England, yer not likely to spot a bike in Belgium (Laser surgery or not:))

No need to apologise, Chris, a valid observation on your part. I have my appointment with Specsavers booked for the morning. I’m afraid I’m not brave enough and too poor to take Power Puff Girl’s laser-surgery approach.

I think there is a well organized gang with scouts which are bicycling through parking places (hotels, gas stations, supermarkets etc) in all east London and they just announce/give a phone call to the “operative” team telling them with what to come (if they have something to cut or they have to bring the van)!
That color scheme is from 2005/2006 on GSXR 1000!

If you have friends or somebody in the force (Police) you better suggest them to organize a stake out and I promise you they will solve tens of unsolved cases once they catch at least the 2 operative thieves!!! I offer the coffee and donuts!

Thanks anyway guys!
Maybe you can tell me what happened in others theft cases that you heard about?

Wow Actadi…Sorry for your loss. :frowning:

This is worrying about the ignition immobilisation system being defeated so easily.

The bike unfortunately is probably in parts now, but maybe it is being ridden around since they were able to start it.

Hope something turns up.

Actadi, that’s an awful welcome to the UK :frowning:

Sadly it’s a common fact that bikes go missing every day in London and yes there are ways to get past the ignition and alarms. The manufacturers will swear there isn’t, but I’ve seen it and so have dozens of others on here.

Unfortunately there’s next to no chance you’ll see the bike again. When they go, they’re gone. Theft insurance is vital in London.

Can you get a copy of the video? Can you post it up here? I’d love to see it.

I can not get a copy!
The sorry ass hotel manager said he gives the copy only to those that don’t care :frowning: meaning to the Police!
The Police said they have lots of Camera footage from thefts but they don’t have enough personnel to watch them! They are busy watching their asses!
God I am pissed!
I wish I was a ninja riding a Suzuki :)! I would cut thieves hands!

Sorry to hear about yet another theft:angry:

I don’t know why the police don’t set up ‘honey traps’, I would have thought that’s a great way to catch these scum. A tracker would help further if they didn’t have the resource to monitor the bike/s.

But as someone said earlier on here it looks like there is a sudden spate of thefts.

I think a dirty great Almax would have helped here.

I am willing to buy back my stolen motorcycle!
If somebody who knows the thieves sees this please ask them how much they want to leave it in a parking lot?

I find this a strange post to put up, is there something you know your not telling us?

Sorry to hear about this, you obviously haven’t got it back going by the date of the OP. Unfortunately it is necessary to have the proper insurance against theft, especially around London. In future weigh up the cost of insurance against the cost of getting a new bike, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Hope you see it again.

You won’t get it back, it’s been broken down for spare parts or shipped abroad and sold-on the black-market. That’s a horrible thing to hear, I know, but it’s the truth. I’ve had one go as well :frowning:

This is the saddest theft story I’ve read, and there have been a lot on this forum :frowning:

Scummers ;[

And by buying it back, you will be guilty of handling stolen goods. If convicted you will get a criminal record leaving you in a worse position than you started, and the original thieves, as I doubt they’ve never been caught for anything. How crazy is that?:angry:

If I lost a bike like that, and had no insurance… I’d take the chance buying it back. Not saying to do it, just saying what I would do ;[

Thats an interesting angle, is there case law to support that? My view would be that it wouldn’t be handling under s22 Theft Act 1968 as it doesn’t really meet the definition of dishonest in s2, but it is an offence to advertise for the return of stolen goods s23 Theft Act 1968 - oops.