Stolen Suzuki GSX-R 750 blue/white

Hi friends/fellow riders

Sad day for me, yesterday some scumbags stole my pride and joy GSX-R 750 (Reg 14) from Teddington, London. Had Almax chain and two disc locks on each wheel one Xena with alarm + bike cover. Bike was parked on private property out of sight from the street.

From distinctive features it had Brembo Radial RCS master cylinder, Healtech quickshifter. Please see pics below.
If anyone will see anything online pls let me know PM. Thanks.

That’s shit mate. Were there any signs of the locks at scene?

Hi Kev,

No, probably took it with with the van. I’ve heard alarm but it took me some time to run from 2nd floor (flat), bike was gone, no tyre dragging marks so I assume van job.
Sucks balls, I was just about to buy new battery and go for a ride :frowning:

That fucking sucks. What have the fuzz said?

Not much TBH over the phone, they said they have recorded it as stolen given ref number and told to send them CCTV as soon as I’ll have it.

Argh, that’s awful @EddieSV! Such a nice bike. Did it have a tracker?

Unfortunately not :frowning:

Ah! mate, that properly sucks!

Coincidence that lock down eases and we start seeing posts like this again!

really hope you find her…

Jesus. I was thinking “How?” if it had an Almax. Probably 4 lads and a van. They’ll have a job cutting all the locks off at least. I hope you get it back.

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Ah man, gutted for you. That’s shit.

Thats terrible, all that security and the scum still take it

It’s not the first bike on this forum to have been stolen that was secured using an Almax. Ultimately if they want it, they’ll have it.

And it sucks.

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Just heard back from the company which is in charge of CCTV, white van, backed up, driver never left, some number of guys jumped from the back of the VAN did their thing, loaded and gone. They are definitely efficient and prepared. If only they would use all that energy doing something useful.

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Do you have a number plate? I know it’s going to be cloned, but at least it would be some evidence.

Sounds like stolen to order. Scooter scum are not normally that organised.

Sympathies Eddie.Hopefully you get it back.

Jeez, not much else you could have done bar a ground anchor.
Hope the insurance pays out and the premiums don’t go too high.

Thanks for kind words guys, maybe some time later will be able to join the community for ride outs again.
@Kevsta Trying to get the footage but with GDPR no so straight forward. Security company will forward the footage to the MET police. But as you have mentioned reg will be probably cloned.

That is the GDPR and to honest, even before GDPR it would not have been legal to disclose that sort of information, it has to go straight to the police. Hopefully the police will have some information and you can get your bike back.

It may be worth asking them to keep a copy in case insurance want you to apply for it in the future. Don’t want them to only keep 28 days etc then say no-one asked in time so no longer available