STOLEN: Red Triumph Sprint ST 1050 WX06 HHL, East Finchley

So… I suppose it was bound to happen one day. Had a chain, disc lock and Stormex cover secured at both ends but unfortunately there’s nothing to chain it to outside my new flat and the scrotes got it. Strange really as I haven’t used it since moving it to the new place about 3 weeks ago, it’s been covered ever since and it’s a no-through road, so very few people would’ve known what it was, or even that it was there :crying:

Stolen some time between 11:15pm last night and 9:00 this morning from Sedgemere Avenue, N2. No sign that it was ever even there - no scuff marks on the road, bits of chain left, nothing. And it’s not a light bike!

It is Datatagged, so that’s something, but I’m not holding my breath.

Anyway, if anyone sees it, or bits of it on any well-known websites…

Shame really, as I actually needed to use it this morning :frowning:

Oh no! Such a lovely bike :frowning:

Hope it gets found undamaged, or if not that the insurance pay out quick…

Oh man, I feel for you…
Hope you get it back.

That sucks
Hope you get it resolved soon

Can’t have anything nice these days :angry:

Really sorry to hear about that!!!

Give me number plate…

I leave quite close in case I see it!

next time i am putting electrocuting handle bars so when the alarm is on… noone can touch the handles

Really sorry to read this, not to far away will keep eyes open.

Thanks guys. Number plate is WX06 HHL

The annoying thing is I was going to put some paving stones down and move it into the front garden area today, then at least it would’ve been off the road! :crazy:

Plod are coming round at 3pm so it’ll be interesting to see what they say. Might have a drive around after that and see what I can see…

I feel for you.

Unfortunately it only takes 2 or 3 guys to pick up a bike and throw it in the back of a van … gone in 30 seconds!

zine (09/12/2013)

I feel for you.


Bastds, hoping you get good news soon, coming up to Christmas to,those bastds never take time off or have a heart.

oh dude… really really sorry. hope it gets recovered. :angry:

Sorry to hear this, that’s the second red Triumph in a week to go in North London

Does anyone know the official figures? There’s got to be several bikes taken each day - it’s got to be worth to put someone or a team full time on it…

PC Plod was very nice. He said they take all thefts of motor vehicles seriously but admitted it’s much much harder to find stolen bikes than cars and the case will most likely be closed almost before it begins, unless further evidence comes to light (although it can be re-opened if anything comes up at a later date).

He did also say that they [the Met] had recently caught a large gang that were nicking bikes all over London, sometimes 3-4 at a time from bike bays if no-one noticed them take the first one!!! So that’s a start at least.

Insurers are calling me back tomorrow to get a full report and then it’ll be interesting (painful) to see what they offer me. Did some Googling earlier and there isn’t a single similar bike selling for less than £3,5000 that I can find in the UK and most are a lot more. Some dealers are trying to sell older ones for almost £6k!!! I told them it was worth £3k, which seemed fair at the time, but apparently I get either the market value or what I told them it was worth, whichever is the cheapest!!! :crazy:

damn sorry to hear about this :frowning:
hopefully the thieving scrotes catch something painful and incurable!

Crap news, sorry to hear this, fecking bastards…

Surely you can argue that if the ‘market value’ has gone up, then so has the value of your bike?

That’s what I intend to do but I’ll wait and see what they offer first. As far as I’m concerned they should give what it would cost to replace the bike in the current market, but we know what insurance companies are like.

Well thats a pretty shitty xmas prezzy :angry:

Regarding insurance companys … when they ask for value use the antiques roadshow method … Take the actual market price and add 1/3 = insurance price . Telling them your bike is cheap is shooting yerself in the wallet should the worst happen .

That’s what I did. I only paid £2.2k for it, and lower mileage examples were selling for about £3.5-3.8k at the time. Now they seem to have gone up in value even though it’s winter. Surely they should give you enough to replace it, regardless of what you paid for it. But hey ho, I should get what I paid for it at least. Might know more tomorrow.

And yeah, not exactly the greatest start to the festive season!

sounds like a crap start to the week for you, and it did look like a really clean bike.

I traded mine in and despite it being 2 years old, I got £500 less than I paid for it, nearly fell over when they told me !! couldn’t afford not to change it really.