Stolen Red Honda Hornet 600

My honda hornet was stolen from my driveway in East Finchley on Thursday night - last seen at 9pm and gone by 9am! Not sure if kids took it - wasn’t covered that night and no ground anchor. Annoying thing is that I was at home when they took it and my bedroom is metres from where it was parked!
Anyway if anyone hears of anything or sees parts online, please could you let me know.
It was a 1999 Red Hornet 600 with a smoke airblade flyscreen. It had a big dent on the right side of the tank cover which the previous owner tried to paint over. It had only done about 6500 miles and had 2 new BT tyres. Reg -T94 RSC with a scottish flag on the number plate.

That’s rubbish :frowning:

Hope you hear something…

Why can’t people just leave other people’s things alone? What warped logic runs through their minds to help them justify nicking someone’s pride and joy?

Gah! :pinch:

Sorry to hear this, hope you get it back :angry:

Really sorry to hear this, these scrotes will make a few hundred quid from the spares and that is it…why do they think it is OK to do it is beyond me…

Sorry about your lose mate! I hope you get it back or compensation

think its so they can buy stuff to shove up their nose, hope it kills the f**kers :angry:

seems like an epidemic of thefts at the moment, hope someone spots it out there and you get it back

oh not another one :angry:

I know just how you feel :frowning: my pride and joy was nicked 2 weeks ago and I am still fuming.

My fireblade was stolen off Sun street EC2 two days ago, in the middle of the day with alarm and lock right under two CCTV cameras

so far the police have spoken to me once…

A policewoman called me the following day to give me my crime reference number. She said 2 other bikes were nicked that night in N2 and a few more in Barnet. She said they had a team working on it (perhaps some work experience kids walking about!). Not heard anything since but did get a letter today about Victim Support Services!
The insurance company are meant to call me at 215pm tomorrow for a 20min chat - feels like a test I need to pass before they will give me my money! Fingers crossed for a decent offer.
Have spent the evening digging a massive hole at the side of my driveway - will be filled with concrete and a metal anchor so that the next bike cant be wheeled off so easily!