Stolen/Recovered. Police almost got the scrotes

Yesterday my Street Triple R was stolen in Notting Hill Gate. I was in a shop and came out and the bike was gone. I spotted a Police Car behind the shops and was walking over to them and they said “Have you lost a bike?” The scrotes had broken the lock and wheeled it away and hidden it. Luckily some one spotted them and called the Police. The Police (in a unmarked car) said they would wait to see if the punks came back. They did, but it was just as the AA were loading the bike onto a trailer (the lock was damaged and I could not get the key in) The punks - 4 on 2 scooters rode past the Police car and saw the AA and spun round and were off, the Police jumped out of the car but missed them by just a few feet. At least I’ve got the bike back, but £500 to replace the lock set is a bit steep.


Bloody hell, I was around there this morning.

Glad you recovered it, sorry to hear of the damage but at least you got it back immediately and know the scrotes weren’t trashing it up and down the A40.

that sucks on more than one level!

Pleased you got it back and feel your pain, same happened to me (stolen/recovered) but I’m pleased I still have her.

A close call. All in all I would say you did well.

You did particularly well getting the AA to come so soon. Took them 6 and a half hours to get to me the other night.