STOLEN - R6 Rossi Replica - SE8

My beloved R6 has gone, thieving little scrotes.

Around 12.30am this morning from underground parking in SE8 creek road area.

I had a cover on it and an ABUS chain. I knew this was only a matter of time but I’m gutted. I don’t think I’ll see her again and I hate the thought that she’s in the hands of some twathead.
I’m truly kicking myself as I’d seen the other night someone had lifted the cover slightly and I still left her parked up. But you know what even if I had moved her, she’d have gone ot perhaps now but in a few days, weeks time.

God this is depressing!!!
Anyway, police know but dont hold out much help. I’ve left the chain and cover where it is in case they can fingerprint them and who knows, maybe they’d get a match in the future.

Anyway, on the offchance the bike is as my avatar, quite distinctive with an akrapovic exhaust 07… only had it a few months, and just put new tyres on, should’ve left them bald!!


So sorry to hear that… I will keep an eye out for it as it is quite a distinctive bike - Maybe an idea to post the Reg?

Was this from your work car park?

So gutted for you as I remember how you liked that bike… hope it turns up somewhere!

Thanks Mate, I hope it does too but don’t hold out much hope.

Reg is RJ57 UGZ

It’s registered as a black bike as I hadn’t changed it to the blue & white scheme since I’ve had it. Just checked the chain as seems police aren’t coming out for a while, another surprise!! Seems they had a good go at it, not sure how long they were out there for. I suspect its in a shed somewhere or the back of a van :frowning:

thats crap!! like Seris said its a distinctive bike so you might get lucky an someone spots it… :frowning:

Police were useless and disinterested when my bike got stolen so wouldn’t hold your breathe. The investigating officer didn’t even review the cctv and there were cameras everywhere as it was parked in central London. The cop told me he was too busy to investigate as he had about 40 motor vehicle thefts a day apparently, you’d think if he actually did his job he might’ve reduced the number. Made excuses for not checking the cctv by saying the thieves were probably wearing helmets and they wouldn’t be able to id them. Sorry for the rant but my experience with police hasn’t been positive at all.

I hope you find the bike.

nooooooo im totally gutted for you!

sorry to here this. just goes to show if they really want to nick it they probably will :ermm:

Try to make sure the chain is kept dry / protected if you’re leaving it there. I did the same thing when I had a bicycle lifted and it being exposed to rain was enough for them not to bother printing it. They did come round eventually.

Thanks Martin!!

They never came over as not much I think they could’ve doen at that point anyway. FYI they are checking the camera footage today so hopefully something will crop up. Also none of our doors really seem to be closing properly, and it seems as though thats how they got in.

It also looks as though they actually came through the basement with the bike and up the stairs to the main front entrance and down the concrete steps. They actually dragged it through the main walk in entrance!! I can’t believe it!!!

We all need to be so careful about closing doors behind us. I’m super paranoid and wary!! I just wish everyone on our estate was careful about people that dont live here getting in and it makes me sick! :angry: