Stolen Petrol?

So I awoke this morning to see out of the window a single black glove lying by my bike on the road. Both bikes were still there so that of course was the main thing. However when I went to check out my 125 the fuel line from the tank was disconnected at the tank end and the tap was turned off. The locks seemed un-tampered with as did the ones on the 650 so it must of been fuel they were going for.

My question is this…

Is this common? Did it happen or am I going crazy. There seems no other way that the fuel line would be disconnected (and even if somehow it magically did the tap would not turn itself off, and the chances of a friendly passer by in the middle of the night seeing a bike parked up a front door path pouring fuel out and turning it off seems at most - unlikely. (Maybe they were going for the tank???)

What do you guys reckon? Keep a weary eye out in future?

i have heard it happen. and think its what happened

I’ve drained that tank myself and know how long it takes. They must of been out there for a while.

I’ll be waiting by the front door for em next time;)

drain the tank, put diesel in it and sit back knowing their gettaway is fked! :smiley:

remember to redrain tank before you use it :wink:

Genius! :laugh:

My question is, why did they turn the top off? Can understand turning it off while pulling the pipe off but not after they’ve started nicking the fuel.

And yes its a problem ive had before where the fuggers have pulled the pipe off and drained all my fuel.

I’ve heard of it happening on lorries (drilling through the tank to drain the diesel), but never on bikes. Seems like a lot of effort to go through to get a few liters of petrol :crazy:

Yeah I was wondering about that aswell…:ermm:

Also it doesn’t seem like they took much at all. I reckon I’d normally only have a bout 3 liters of petrol left since I filled up. And I still havent gone onto reserve yet (2litre)

Maybe some chav on a ped ran out nearby?

Happened to a near neighbour of mine in SE London so many times in a 3 month period that he half filled his tank with petrol, dropped a full bag of sugar into the tank and then sat back and waited. 2 Days later petrol was gone.

He then filled up and rode off safe in the knowledge that some dickhead has a siezed engine somewhere.

If I remember Mr.C had this problem a year or so ago - toe rags were knicking his fuel but think that they had tightened it back up but was leaking which could have been very bad!

The local residents association reported that a couple of bikes and cars have been hit like this, all down the same street. The local SNT have warned the locals that this type of theft may be on the increase as more people are feeling the pinch because of the recession. Desperate people do desperate things.

Some retired residents have suggested creating a small but dedicated team to walk the streets during the night as many of them only need a couple of hours sleep and their presence in high viz and torches might be enough to keep the street free of the scum that do visit the area.

hmm, maybe its worth knocking on some doors see if similar happened to anyone else that night.

  • time to sort out my DIY CCTV system…:smiley:

Spot on mate … filled up one night - come out next morning to an almost empty tank and a half pushed back on fuel line … was only 2/3 minutes down the road I noticed the smell of petrol was following me :w00t: lucky I didn’t go up in flames really :slight_smile:

I am now in the habit of only brimming the tank if I’m going any great distance … for general commuting/pottering about - I’ve never got more than £5 in the tank and whenever I lock the bike up for the night … I set the fuel tap to “off” so that - fingers crossed - they’ll assume that someone has already drained it and there is nothing left for them to nick.

It hasn’t happened to me since … touch wood … but no doubt in my mind it is 16 year olds riding stolen scooters.

A friend of mine had her car damaged to steal fuel. Sounds like something out of the Trailer Park Boys :crazy:

I did this to a mate of mine at work one day. I was desperate for juice and did’nt have time to stop off to fill up on the way to an important meeting.

We were good friends so he saw the funny of it when his bike chundered to a stop on the hill just outside work :D:D:D:D

not after that then! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it we stopped talking after I sacked him for falling asleep on poolside! D’oh!

The fuel tank on my boyfriend’s work van was drilled overnight recently. They completely emptied the tank of the diesel he’d put in on the way home. He only worked out what had happened when he looked at it to see why it wouldn’t start and noticed the smell. According to the police he spoke to it’s getting more common :angry: