Stolen number plate

Came out this morning and the number plate had been stolen!!

Report stolen and ride without as long as it legally possible :smiley: if it’s possible :ermm:

What a pain in the ass.
Happened to me earlier this year (car not bike)
Called the police and reported it. Apparently it’s mostly done to avoid speeding fines and steal fuel.

Just need the crime number in case anything unexpected comes through the post.

Defo report it asap incase anyone uses it for illegal activities!

report it ASAP Hels. and go get another one.

after that you’ll be fine.

waits for news report of a ram raid involving a street triple

Have reported it. Do you know where I can get another one made?

Halford… will need to show your log book, else internet…

Halfords…? will need to show your log book, else internet…

Great cover story Hels, best hide your bling from the smash and grab till the heat dies down.

Well I am going to get replacement plates this evening from Halfords. The police said I could ride it down there with no plates as long as it was one journey.

Don’t worry Joby I am not planning on any raiding and pillaging of jewelry stores or Streatham pound shops - so you can breathe a sigh of relief on that one :slight_smile:

Well you’ve reported it to the police and discussed it on a public forum.
You could always take a few time stamped pictures of your bike with no plate
to beef up the alibi (don’t forget to ajust the clock on the camera before
and afterwards and ensure the light conditions fit, best use a flash).

It’s amazing what they will accept as “evidence” for an alibi in court :wink:

Oh dear have I just blown it for you?

Hels I like diamonds and platinum.

No gold please :smiley:

I had my car number plate stolen a few years ago. Reported it to police but never had any subsequent problems.
I bought sone anti tamper screws from Halfords at the same time I got my replacement plate. Only a few £.

The bike wasn’t in the garage I take it. Not having much luck with the Striple recently are you Helen :(. x

A mate in Manchester told me about a story years ago where the owner of a red Escort had their plates stolen. A few weeks later the owner was driving on the M6 when another red Escort drew alongside in the next lane, bearing the stolen plates! :w00t:

That’s a interesting coincidence Markinderby!! Hope that happens with my street and I can apprehend the culprits in person.

I am now going to put superglue over my new plates or fix up a shock device.

Rode to Halfords this evening on the (fully charged up) bike, complete with an improvised paper and marker pen number plate tied on with string, just for authenticity in case the police stopped me. The guy at Halfords could not have been more helpful or friendly. He was great, made the plate up and drilled it on there and then. He said I was the second biker he had seen today who had come in for new plates to replace stolen ones. it was £15.99 which wasn’t too bad.

The police are coming over also to take the details and I reported it to the insurance company just in case.

So - this evening - brand new heavy duty lock for the garage, instead of the crappy £2.50 little rusted padlock I had before, new plates and have resurrected the Almax. I am ready for the number plate thieves if they strike again - there’ll be no messing about :slight_smile:

Alba I’ll make sure to give you the proceeds from Streatham pound shop - don’t you worry!