STOLEN - Ninja

This is my mates bike stolen on Wenesday At Apex Corner Edgware
Reg: T560 KKG

im in the area so will keep my eyes peeled

Close to home, will keep an eye out

This is also very close to me too, looks like there are some scrotes working the area, following the Trumpet stolen in Mill Hill too.


this is right by me and very close to where my bike was stolen last week. I’ll also keep an aye out

this is robs bike, did they ever find it?

not far from me, has it been found yet or still missing? its clearly a made to order bike probably shipped off to far east or something?

Kishan - What do you mean ‘its clearly a made to order bike probably shipped off to far east or something?’

what do you mean by that? It’s a 90s ninja, not really that desirable or high in value…

A touch of sarcasm perhaps? :slight_smile:

^^ Trust me there was probably nothing sarcastic about it.

yep, I don’t believe that was sarcastic either.

The value in stolen bikes comes from the parts, but only if the bikes are new (ish)

If an older bike gets stolen, then it will either be for a joy ride, as often older bikes are easier to steal, or it will be stolen to order, as someone needs something particular from it.

As in the far east in the black market they will still sell like hot cakes even if it is a 90s ninja, when i went india in the black market all these high performance bikes were being flogged which were clearly nicked from europe and etc old or new they had it but thats my idea.

Mine was stolen about 3 streets away from apex corner the week before this. It turned up a few days later by the harvester pub in selvage lane the disc lock was still on and it had been left in a parking bay. I know it wasn’t there for the days it was missing as I walk past the spot everyday. Mine was a retro looking triumph thruxton the sort of thing an ageing rocker or rogue OAP may have liked…Good luck finding yours I will keep an eye out

The more these threads pop up, the more I think about fitting a tracker…

Not as far as I am aware but haven’t spoken to him in few days

I love this, thinking about fitting a tracker, have you got a can on it, or rear sets?? If so then you should have already fitted the tracker!! Trackers are cheap and important and save you a few quid on insurance!!

And as if this wasn’t enough, Biketrac by road angel have 100% recovery rate this year so far!!

how ‘cheap’ are these trackers?

£300 cheap I’m guessing.

Been having a look at this Biketrac…

Costs £300 for the unit, then a further £100 per year subscription fee…

The thing that worries me is that it could be easily located and removed. The thief would just have to disconnect it from the battery and discard it.

1st year sub should be included in the £300 though Conrad B.

Also, some, if not all of these things are smartly designed so they have their own battery sources meaning if you use your bike daily you won’t have to have it directly hooked up to the battery. Use the tail light so when your bike is on it will charge the tracker’s battery.

A cheaper option could be something like this (click here). These GoTek7 devices are so accurate and you can hide them where you want. The power source doesn’t have to be directly to the battery as I think standby mode is 15 days.