Stolen motorcycle cover

Fortunately the bike is still around to tell the tale but thought I would give a heads up to the neighbourhood.
Last night (12/09/2022) at 2150 a man on a scooter pulled up on the pavement in front of my motorcycle on my front garden, and proceeded to whip the cover off… I can only guess his intention was to inspect the security for a grab later on - or … he really wanted a ten quid cover… /boggle
Anyway another member of the household (not the dog, he let me down) did the most terrifying banshee scream at him I have ever heard and the man skidaddled with my cover.
Just a heads up for my friends in south west London.
Safe to say I draped her in every lock/chain/groundsheet I could find… on a side note I need a new cover any recomendations? :slight_smile:

I’ve had that before, I then upgraded my cover to one of these and passed the locks through the cover.

If I had to I’d stick with the £10 covers

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I’ve also come across the homeless taking them to help keep warm.

Having reviewed the footage, it was very clearly two scooters and two men. The scooter I could see looked in decent condition and had a large black typical delivery guy top box, couldn’t make out the logo on the side. The driver was wearing a black open up type helmet, with a puffer jacket with a hood and shorts.
Sadly my CCTV wasn’t up to good details or even colour, thanks to me not realising that when one camera picked up a motion the other one sits out! ffs.

That’s the giveaway.

Probably some of the hundreds out all night near the Mall last night.

Anybody got any experience with Storm cover thinking about that one … but I’d need to back into it and my bikes got a big bum

I’ve had a cover stolen once, from central London. I got the feeling it was a homeless person looking for some extra cover. They were more than welcome to it.

I had a stormex moons ago, it was the best cover I’ve owned. From memory their sizing was pretty bang on, think I looked at the medium bought it and it fit perfectly…

+1 for Stormex - the UV has spoiled the seals on mine somewhat, but other than that it’s great.