Stolen Last Night- BLACK 675

Very good friend of mine, got his Black 675 Stolen from Hampstead last night.
Plate:- OU08 FZL

Please keep an eye out for it.
Gutting thing is he was taken it to Lydden Hill with me on Saturday!!!


Sorry to hear this mate, eyes peeled south of the river for it.

Keeping eyes peeled here. Another Striple nicked is not good news.:angry:

presuming this was a daytona 675 and not a street?

Will keep my eyes peeled!


Oh my God!! The police found the bike!!

The scumbags tried to lift another bike in north London and the owner heard them and followed them in the car while on the phone to the police.

So 3 scumbags are in custody, police have taken a statement from my mate. They were court red handed.

Don’t know the condition of the bike yet as they are waiting for forensic before releasing it!!!

So great news another team of thieving scumbags of the road!!

Well that’s a good outcome, well done to the other guy for following them, hope your mates bike is in ok condition.

Excellent news, let’s hope that the bike is still in the same condition as when your mate last saw it

Fantastic news! And lets hope that this other guy doesn’t get done for using his phone while driving. Sod’s law eh?

Might have been on hands free :wink:

brill news!!

Excellent news. Hopefully they’ll be thrown into a cell with a pack of hungary dogs.

thats brilliant news, well done to the other fella for following them in his car and getting on the blower to the bizzies!

Knight the man I say!

great news. props to the guy who followed the foccers

It is great to see that someone so civic minded followed them, warms the heart when you read a story like that !

Perhaps in order to save on precious police resource…a public stoning should be arranged at the Ace?

That guy should be bought drinks every Wed night at Borough!

Great news, bet your mate is over the moon.
Hope he buys the other fella something nice wrapped in glass !

A pack of Puli’s will do nicely. They are large and bite hard!

Very glad to hear of a civic minded person tracking the scum down and getting the police on scene. Really good news that the bike is recovered. Now just make sure you are not stung for recovery/storage fees…

whats wrong with english dogs or german dogs.

why do they have to come from hungary?



Good to hear it going right for a change.
And yea, good on the bloke for giving chase! Whoever you are, you have fans on LB :wink:

Glad it was found m8.

I’ve just got back on shift today so didn’t see this thread, but I’ll check the Pound tomoz and see if his bike is there and let you know the condition of it.