Stolen ktm exc 450 2013

My bike got stolen today from london… berwick street soho… its a ktm exc 450 2013 six days graphics. … if anyone comes across it or have any information please contact me 07881853043



I’m up that way tomorrow, i’ll keep my eyes open for it…

Mate that truly sucks :frowning:
You spent a bit too on the Marchesini Wheels, devtech swing arm and full akra system. in a good way making harder to shift on because there not the usual parts. keep a eye on ebay if any parts show up. there used to be a lot of bike found kings cross/ islington way

Bad news, will look for new exc parts on offer…

Picture uploaded wrong bike for some reason I suspect, that is smr/sx 450.

This is ktm exc 450 2013 six days;

Think i walked past this bike on dean street about a month ago exactly same as drb photo.

sorry to hear that man.

for what it’s worth, I work on Noel Street and noticed that bike a lot. Looked the business.


Could that be your bike?