Stolen KTM 990 Adv - YJ08 OFX

Bike was parked in a designated m/cycle bay in Hallam Street, London W1. I was away 20 mins max - buying a new security chain and D-lock for it, ironically. Returned to find some broken plastic and remains of the ignition barrel on the ground. Called police who’d already had a report of two guys with a bike (also stolen) acting suspiciously beside my bike.
Police later told me they’re part of a known group (gang?) operating out of Islington. They reckoned the bike could well turn up after being used in a smash and grab. Seems they target KTMs, Speed Triples and such and use the fast bikes in conjunction with scooters.
Details also recorded on the SVD see:

Sorrry to hear this dude, all those scroats need shooting.

Theft of the 990 plus another problem means me, my mate and his wife can no longer make our planned trip to the TT - and this is centenary year too! So we’ve got ferry tickets for two bikes plus three pax available at face value if anybody’s interested. Liverpool-Douglas on Thurs, June 2; Douglas-Heysham on Thurs, June 9.
Sorry, haven’t made enough posts to put them up in the classified section.

That’s utter shite! :@

Must organize a sting operation.
Lets get a few thief magnet bikes together, park them in that spot, lay and wait.

more sad news, sorry to hear that

The police should be doing this not us! Cause if we caught them then we will get ghosted off down belmarsh

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Soooo up for this!

This whole theft situation is out of hand. It’s starting to make using a bike in London seem untenable.

how many times have people talked about this on LB?
and aside from smild’s facebook thing, has anyone actually done anything about it?
what would we need to do to get it going? buy an older sports bike, park it in Camden an wait?
id be up for helping (after exams) but cant do much financially.
any volunteers to be a ring leader (im far too shy :P)?

don’t even have to buy a bike - just need someone from here to get involved and be brave enough to offer their bike as bait. The usual suspects are R1/R6’s, Gixxers, Blades/CBR’s etc…

Guys, this is all very interesting stuff, but in spite of plod’s apparent inability (lack of resources?) to actually do anything about the crazy level of bike theft here, sadly I don’t really think becoming vigilantes is the way to go - tempting though it is…
I think the problem is that practically all theft - bicycles, motorbikes, cars and even burglary - has been diminished in plod’s view unless it’s aggravated. Yeah they record all your details and issue a crime ref number, but that’s really just to satisfy the insurance industry.
The police have no real interest or intent in trying to recover something like a stolen motorbike - unless they happen to fall over it while pursuing something more ‘important’. It would take too much time and effort and involve endless paperwork, at a time when they’re already stretched, allegedly, and facing further cuts.
They simply figure the insurance will pay the punter, if he/she is lucky, have the right cover and their insurer doesn’t manage to wriggle out of it somehow. Even if they pay, the problem is that a total loss through theft means the insurance company has nobody else to ‘blame’ and so cannot recover their loss (the pay-out). This means the punter’s premium will rise, even though technically not at fault, and over a very short time, as bikes keep disappearing, everybody’s premiums rise. And if you live in a London postcode and keep your bike on the road/street, you’ll know just how high that is already.
So who’s actually paying for the fact that bike crime in London (and probably all over the country) is at an all-time high? We are!
Meanwhile the b@stard crims, knowing that plod won’t chase them, continue to act with practical immunity, lifting our bikes. My stolen KTM was clocked on cctv, illegally using a bus lane the day after it was nicked. Two guys on it, probably off to lift somebody else’s pride and joy. So they (officialdom) have got all the technology to target the bike owner, me, with a PCN to raise revenue, but can’t seem to link the clearly visible reg of a bike reported stolen less than 24 hours earlier with the officers ‘investigating’ the case.
So, back to Premises187’s idea of a sting operation, eagerly embraced by a few others. Very appealing, but regrettably totally illegal, I think.
But what if it was some kind of ‘official’ sting? What if we could get the police interested in mounting such an operation?
I’m guessing there would need to be an approach made by some kind of quasi-official body on behalf of the biking community. Something like London Bikers perhaps? Or maybe something like the BMF? I dunno, any ideas out there? Could LB and perhaps some of the other biker forums/clubs present a common voice on this issue and lobby for some action?
The police themselves could provide a suitable bait bike taken from the ill-gotten gains of drug dealers or other criminals. They could fit it with a tracker – I read somewhere recently they’ve already tried this ‘honey-pot’ approach with bicycle thieves, with some success. Why should the motorbiking community be left out?
Anybody think there’s any mileage in this? Or am I barking up the wrong tree, or just barking?