Suzuki k7 BLACK 1000cc reg no AE 07 NVX

Stolen from the car park under canary wharf this evening, please keep an eye out for it as it is riding around the streets,

To the person that took this bike, i will give you a £1,000 CASH for the return of it, pm me to arrange collecting the CASH.

How awful, not another one

Argh man.

It’s being RIDDEN? They got the keys??? :frowning:

fug sake what’s wrong with people?:pinch:

Sh*t man…So many bikes going missing…It’s just too easy for them.

Hope your mate gets it back.

I’ll add it to my list of ones to watch out for at the Pound m8!

sorry to hear this andy, is it your bike? hope it comes back safe and soon…x

That’s sh1t news Andy, I’ll keep an eye out as I travel through there most days, plus it’s just across the river from me so I’ll watch locally for it, hope it gets returned and the scrote that took it gets what’s coming to them!! :angry:

i’ll phone ya tonight while im at work mate…;).


give the boys at streetfighter magazine a call, wingnut who works for em had his r1 nicked from same place but got the bike back, found it down the road i think so you might get lucky.if cant call em go to the website or facebook page and send message.