after phoning cops telling them of my loss, i asked if they would be coming round for a look,told in an hour or so if they are not busy,8 hours later nothing. As for the break-in it seems as if they got into block somehow not thru main gate and worked their way out. I looked around for a way in and found it via the roof and some bent railings which you could squeeze thru. Probably opened my garage first ,simple padbolt jobby, just prised the bolt past lock and gagged the bike then set about undoing the 36mm nut inside main gate holding the hasp,this nut had a security feature on it designed not to taken off with a normal socket, once loose they just pushed the bolt thru the hole with lock still attached and also the bolt attached to the chain attached to the lock then just opened the gates.Then theres the locked barrier! These guys had some serious front!Spoke to cab driver this morning who uses garage said both gates were wide open and the nuts were missing, nowhere to be seen at 11:50 pm, he looked about and saw no immediate signs of any breakins. Van deff used .If they want it they will get it. Unlikely to be parked up on street to see if a tracker is fitted but the reg no is NF05NOU. Keep em peeled, scuffed black K5 panels and full Jap yoshi system need to be looked out for sale on the cheap in particular.


K5 1000 045.jpg

K5 1000 048.jpg

K5 1000 047.jpg



K5 1000 050.jpg

K5 1000 049.jpg

makes my garage look like childs play to accsess, just goes to show if they want it they will do what they can to get it, bunch of c un ts was it alarmed as well the bike i mean???

Sad news to see that even after making it as safe as that these animals still try and take it. I think they are Pro’s and I think they are doing their research online, at meet up’s and maybe inside info from DVLA about the address of a person?

Bloody hell, just goes to show that if they want what u got, they will get it.

bike was alarmed. datatool. the number of people who have actually seen the bike in/at the garage or been around when i have got it out:3 or 4. maybe the problem is closer to home than we might want to believe.

you can see why i felt reasonably safe and for the simple fact no-ones ever about when it comes out or goes back in and use 2 garages just to be safe,throw them off the scent,didnt work did it! what else can i do?

its probably some arsehole that lives in the same estate, knew u wasnt there or wouldnt be around its unbeleivable…

Very clean job Sounds like an inside one as well, though we’re no detectives (but then the real ones can’t help, too busy looking for granny-bashers and junky-robbers). Hope it gets sorted with the insurance company without fuss fella.

Best of luck with this fella.

I know its to late but someone else will benefit DATATOOL SNITCHER !!! nuff said!!

Funny how it seem’s to be LB members that get their bikes nicked.

I think the insider is using this forum to locate bikes, I have quite a few mates not on lb and none of thier bikes are going walkin, but yet I now know a few peeps from here that HAVE had them nicked so whats going on.

we advertise where we going to meet every week in an open forum and it is silly really they can pick us off one by one until they run out of bikes but us being bikers we buy more for them to nick.


It’s not impossible, but personally I don’t think that’s the case. Before LB was founded, I would hear of one or two bikes being stolen, but now that as a community we’re being brought together from a number of different social-circles, we’re just getting a much bigger audience to hear the real truth about what’s going on out there.

It’s the same with Government crime stats; there’s often cases where crime rates seem to be rising, but what’s not apparent is that the collection of these stats is becoming more efficient, so we’re being made aware of more crimes than before, but it doesn’t necessarily mean there ARE more crimes being commited.

LB represents a huge cross-section of the biking community, there’s people with many different interests in biking, different styles and cost of bikes, people living in different parts of London and people from different backgrounds, these all add up to us being the best ear for things that are going on.

The fact also is that generally, the majority of bikers aren’t educated properly about the right ways to secure their bike. Many people take the advice of their dealer when buying a bike to buy an expensive (but essentially useless) chain and other security measures which can be broken through in a matter of seconds. Then people are determined to keep their bikes on the road, which is a HUGE advert for thieves, the bait is on the hook.

Behind the scenes, we’re trying to encourage a movement to research making sure everyone has the best anti-theft items and procedures in place, but this is proving difficult, it seems everyone expects the LB staff to be the ones to do this, and we just don’t have the time, we need the community to come together and use the LB framework to make a difference…

Spelled out simply, people need to do the following to ensure they are as protected as possible:

Security Fundamentals

  • Keep your bike off the road and out of sight.
  • Use an Almax security chain, lock and ground/wall-anchor.
  • Cover your bike.
  • Fit a garage alarm.
  • Fit a high-power motion-activated light outside your bikes with a wireless buzzer sounder in your house.
  • Fit it with a proven tracker.
  • Be vigilent and ensure there’s nobody following you for the last mile of your journey.

Not everyone can do all of the above, but the first ones are the most important. For the first one, there’s always options, you’ve just got to be prepared to make a change, or compromise if you want to keep your expensive bike. I personally had a handyman build me somewhere for my bikes, as the existing arrangement just wasn’t good enough. Cost, £500. £500 very, very well spent in my opinion.

People spend £10k on a bike, then not even a tenth of that on security, for an item which is highly sought after for thieves. In the Art or valuable jewels market, the cost of security and insurance can easily equal or exceed the item value. Time for a big wake-up in London I think.

But we have known bike theives on here, advertising parts of other forum members bikes?

I work in insurance claims and echo Jays advise. Additionally, don’t be tmepted by the lure of very cheap premiums from firms you have hardly heard of, there is a reason the larger insurers may charge more… its called service.

If the worst happens and your bike does go for a midnight jaunt with out you, do these things to ensure your insurers don’t dick you about.

  1. Report to the Police with out delay and try not to disturb crime scene, some forces are more pro-active then others.

  2. Contact your insurers and report theft get report form.

  3. Contact memebrs here for advise, we have either gone through the proceeduer and can hold your hand and help or advise you on the best way forward.

  4. Complete the form as quickly as possible and accurately as possible, if there are any problems or irregularities you need advise on contact me or another independent insurance intermediary you trust for advise.

  5. Let LB members knbow if its distinctive we may have seen it being ridden around or know where it being sold (Ie which bay the pirartes may be getting rid of thier booty)

  6. Don’t despair, research has shown that some bikes are recovered, you may be lucky if not and its covered, and there are no serious material non-disclosures to your insurers (Failiure to mention serious facts to your insurers) there is no reason why your insurers should not cough up.

Urban Terrorist, if you know something we don’t, then please PM us.

I do agree with you to a certain extent Jay( as per usual!), but have a look at the posts of people who have had their bikes stolen, look at the areas. I did, and came to my own conclusions. They will get caught out. just a matter of time.

you really think??? now im wondering to put pics up of my new pup on wednesday. but does it really matter, i mean anyone whos into nicking bikes or riding them Knows where to go to look then its just a case of following you home, its really scary to think that you could be next im getting some serious locks n chains for mine no question-- but doohan1 let us know have the coppers been yet and what did they say???

They can get all of your details from the dvla with your numbre plate, so if you dont blank it out then they can get your address for £2.50p plus they could follow every one to frith and make a note of your plate on the road, simple really so if you say im going to chelsea bridge on my brand new fireblade I will meet you by the park entrance, band guess who might be waiting taking notes.

Lucky for me I have random timing so they might never get a chance to follow me home and rob my bike.

Sound advice, Jason. There’s no need to tell the world your exact movements, keep it to PM’s and Text’s.