STOLEN GSXR Last night

Just got this from a work colleague.

STOLEN GSXR 1000 K3 Blue and white Reg No.EK03 FWA from Putney 02.15 in Old Red Transit.

Woken at 2.15 by my pager to see my beloved GSXR1000 K3 stolen from gated private car park in an old red transit. Thieves had smashed the barrier mechanism and reversed in and made fast getaway. I saw it turn out of the car park with my bikes indicators flashing. The rear door of the van had clear glass in. I reckon the transit was at least 15 years old - a real fairground special.

The bike had very distinctive high-level carbon DEVIL pipe/unusual white LED undertray/K6 calipers/K2 320mm discs/dynojet quickshifter/gilles gold rearsets/gilles black chain adjusters with lifters - although 1 of the adjusters is gold!/HID headlamps/orange rim tape on rear wheel/seat hump/iridium screen

£300 reward for info leading to recovery. Very F*cking likely!

The cops said the van was spotted going down the A3 in Surrey.

I drove around for a few hours out of desperation.

I’m going back to bed.

Sounds like a very nice bike, hope they find it soon, fingers crossed!!

sad times :frowning:

I use the A3 all the time, will keep a look out.

oh no what awful times…

Thats shocking news! Got any pics of the bike?

Sorry to hear this PJ, fingers crossed x

Sorry to hear this. Good luck to your friend but I doubt it’ll be seen again.

I feel So sorry for you bro…

Good luck in finding it…

the best anti-theft mechanism in London?

have a shite bike

works for me.

Sorry for your loss.

Heart and feelings go out to you, makes me feel :sick:,

did he manage to get any of the reg?

that’s been stolen from my area so my eyes will definitely be on the look out for that van.

hopefully the bike will turn up.


Red transit spotted travelling at speed and chased by police. 2 suspects dumped vehicle on Abbottsleigh rd SW16 and fled. Motorbike was not in the van! Van taken to police compound for prints.

I drove around all the roads and estates within half a mile of this address but it was a fruitless exercise.

Anyone live around this neck of the woods? Keep an eye out please. But this was a professional job I think she’s gone for good…

I’m not far from there. Will keep eyes on. Fingers crossed that the boys from FSS can work their magic with the lifts. Might not get back your bike but might make you feel a hell of a lot better. I take it their decamp was succesful?

Thanks matey, yes they got clean away.

Thieving sh1tes - you’d think it would be pretty safe stuck behind gates. Hope you find it.

Thanks to PJ for the first post - I couldn’t get mine to work!And thanks to all the well-wishers.

If only I could wish it back.

The other thing is that these bastards will be waiting for me to get another one…what do you do?

Fit a Tracker (if it’s a new or nearly new bike and justifies the outlay) and get an Almax chain and find something to chain it to.

No doubt they’ll be on the lookout for what you get next but you know that so you’ll keep your eyes open.

I’m not to far from SW16 so will keep an eye out!

Good luck


I lost a gixxer in 2003 which had a Tracker fitted and it was never seen again!

Was it a Tracker Network tracker or one of these crappy Chinese track it yourself jobbies?

I had my R1 recovered in just over 24 hours along with the thief and 6 other bikes last year.

I am sorry for your loss…I’ve had 3 bikes stolen.

Another thing is that some Tracker installers are clueless about where they install the units.

I’ve just relocated a unit on a bike, and wired it into a more discreet place as before it may as well have been installed on the headlight.

Hope the bike is recovered or the insurance pay out is quick.