Stolen! GSX-R750K4

Yes it’s stolen in the last fortnight from covered parking. VIN and engine numbers in the blog post. The thieving **** cropped the bolt that was securing it to the wall plate and then stole the Abus chain for that final kick in the teeth.

Met. Police ‘non-committal’ despite the remnants of the padlock being on the ground and the square being:angry: quiet with at least one neighbour there most of the time…

Sorry to hear this :frowning: I know the pain. Best of luck recovering it.

What make/model was the padlock that was cropped?


Not sure of the model, but it was an Abus.

Unlucky, I live in Rotherhithe I’ll keep a look out, you never know.


yeah rotherhithe here too m8, where bouts? pm me if ya want.


Off Rotherhithe Street. I can’t see the bike being intact for long…

yeah know it well.
yeah know wot you mean m8 also look close to home for culprit bit of a coincedence went while you were on holiday.

what was the index displayed mate, I’ll keep an eye out in south Essex


Grew up in rotherhithe for 25 years, Used to be such a nice place, Now every c*nt and there dog lives there, Had a brand new R1 taken from my front door.

Feel your pain mate, Rotherhithe st eh, I know it well.

Probably long gone now tho.

Sorry to hear about it.

Not far from me either - will keep a look out.

A Friends fella had his GSXR K6 Stolen from Lewisham on Sunday night. Looks like they are out in force in the South East at the moment.

When i get more details i will post them up

GSXR’s and KTM’s are the thief’s choice at the moment. Suzuki’s for their desirability and ease of sale, and KTM’s because they’re so easy to steal.

Fantastic stuff!

Well it remains to be seen what condition it’s in and whether the insurance company will sell it back to me…

you called your bike wilf? ffs, :smiley:

now start adding up m8, know any1 in your area who has contacts where it was found?
good news though, sort of.

A year later? Blimey… surprised … :slight_smile:

It depends on where it was found: a mate had a bike nicked that ended up at a breakers in Louth, I think. AIUI they weren’t done for any of the stolen bikes/parts as they claimed to have bought them all in good faith…

I think that after all this time I’ll be surprised if it’s in any decent shape - or indeed complete - but we’ll see. Still waiting to hear from the insurance company.